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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
3rd of December 2010
Michi Girl's brand new book, published by Penguin - 'What on earth are you wearing - a Michipedia of fashion'
Lovely illos by Kat Macleod and of course design work by Ortolan.
Illustrations by Kat Macleod, design work by Ortolan.

I will be forever grateful to Alice Blackwood, editor of Design Quarterly, for commissioning me to write an article about Michi Girl way back in early 2009.  Thankyou Alice!  I feel so lucky to have met the gorgeous and super talented girls at Ortolan who bring Michi to life, and send her very entertaining words of wisdom to all your inboxes everyday!!

Michi has had a pretty busy few months with the release of her brand new BOOK - 'What on earth are you wearing - a Michipedia of fashion', AND a website re-vamp!  'What on earth are you wearing' is another seriously STUNNING little publication (and compulsory Christmas purchase) - 139 pages of hilarious commentary and of course gorgeous colourful illustrations on every page by the ever-amazing Kat Macleod.  I really can't think of a better way to spend $29.95.  You can snap one up on the Michi website right here!

ALSO the Michi website now has 35 international contributors... and a special Michi online SHOP!  WOW that is awfully grown up and organised now isn't it?! Nice work ladies!

To celebrate these recent achievements, Michi has kindly agreed to take a few moments away from her very busy fashion forecasting schedule to answer 5 questions with The Design Files!  Ooh la la.  *Starstruck!*

Michi, what makes you the oracle of all things fashion and shopping? Well Ms. Design Files, if you knew me, you would know that actually it is all smoke and mirrors. I am not an oracle on anything much except for the best milkshakes in Melbourne and how not to get out of a car gracefully. That said, if you wanted to try to be seen to be an oracle, you could make sure you always look your best. In my case this involves a lot of grey lead and some sweet, sweet collage. How does your latest book 'What on earth are you wearing' differ from the fabulous first book - 'Like I give a frock'?  What can we expect to see in the new book?

My first book was more the inner meanderings of a fashion tortured mind.  During the year following its release I had a lot of people (like yourself, under the impression that I knew a thing or two) asking me how to get into ‘the industry’, or what a galloon was. The only way to stop answering the emails was to give them a leg up – I figure if you know some snappy fashion terms then you can slip into the industry unnoticed. That was my plan anyway. So, this book is an A–Z of fashion definitions. The difference between a gusset and a garter, a playsuit and a jumpsuit, or how to tell your Kenzo from your Kawakubo. It should help anyone bluff their way into a Vogue internship really. You have just had a little makeover of your own... what inspired the new look Michi website and newsletter? I have a lot of friends around the world that I have made since starting my website all those years ago. It seemed to me that it was time to join them all together and get them introduced. So now I have 35 friends in all corners of the world who write about fashion, food, graphic novels, art, craft – all kinds of interesting things. And the other Michis can now share these stories with their friends on Facebook and stuff, now that I have finally entered this century with comments and sharing buttons! So I guess the inspiration was to get all the Michis together I could sit back and watch the party (instead of dancing on tables for a change). Tell us a little secret - what was your own worst fashion faux pas? I have so many! In fact right now I am in regretsville of today’s outfit choice! Let me see... Overalls were bad, very high wooden wedges at a fancy garden party – I was stuck in the same spot for three hours yelling at the waiter to come bring me a drink – I could not walk to save myself.  Shall I go on? Any tips for a must-have fashion find this season? Togs, sunblock and a towel if this summer ever kicks off!
Michi just plugged The Design Files calendar on her brand spanking new website... awwww shucks.  :)
Victoria Mason has made a special 'Nice biscuit' necklace with bright PINK writing EXCLUSIVELY for the Michi online shop!  OH my.

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