Project Patchwork

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
7th of September 2010
The Triangle Quilt! (Patchwork Project second prize!)
After her amazingly excellent Down Girl guest blog a couple of weeks back, I know you're all wise to the talents of Ms Lizzy Wilson.  As you know, Liz is a talented rookie graphic designer by day, not to mention fashionista extraordinaire... but you mightn't know that Lizzy is also one mean patchworker! For months now Lizzy has been working on a project very close to her heart - the Patchwork Project brings together many of her creative friends and talented ladies and gents from Lizzys's past life working at Craft Victoria.  Three quilts will be raffled off next month to raise money for the Australia Cambodia Foundation - which funds an orphanage in Cambodia run by an Australian, Geraldine Cox, who has been recently fighting breast cancer. Two Project Patchwork quilts are designed and sewn from provided kits, and the third is made up of patches designed and sewn by 27 supremely crafty Melbourne ladies & gents!  The line-up seriously reads like a who's who of the Melbourne  craft / design set - Chloe Quigley of Ortolan / Michi Girl fame, Sim Elder and Kat Macleod also of Ortolan, Melbourne craft darling (and gorgeous Cottage Industry shopgirl) Dell Stewart, Jeweller Dani Maugeri (aka Dani M), artists / illustrators / collaborators Luci Everett & Amy Borrell... the list goes on and on and on! Please show your support of this very worthy cause and check out the Patchwork Project blog!  It is ALL organised by little Lizzy - and each quilt is painstakingly pieced together with her help of her talented Mum!  (How good are Mums?!) Craft Victoria will be hosting the Project Patchwork raffle on Monday 18 October!  You can buy raffle tickets on the PP blog - just $2.00 could land you one of 3 stunning handmade quilts...!  Can you imagine a more beautiful prize? Great work Lizzy!
Gorgeous handmade patches for the 'Craft Ladies and Gents Quilt' (First Prize!)!  From top left, patches by Simone Elder, Dell Stewart, Kat Macleod, Dani M, Chloe Quigley and Amanda Wilson!

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