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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
28th of September 2010
Some of this year's Positive Posters Australian entries - Clockwise from top left, entries by Carlo Mussett, Hilary Sloane, Ron Whitfield and Mike Nguyen.

Positive Posters is a Melbourne-based project which popped up just last year.   It's the brainchild of local graphic designer Nick Hallam, who, amazingly, only has 89 Twitter followers.  What is up with that!?  This guy deserves a cult following!  I think everyone should head over and make friends with him immediately!

Positive Posters is a non-profit international poster competition, run by a group of Melbourne-based volunteers.   Their simple goal is to give graphic designers worldwide an outlet to create freely, using their skills to inspire and make a positive difference, in an entirely non-commercial way.

This year's 30 finalists have just been announced and it is such a lovely line-up, with so many brilliant Australian designers represented.  Do pop over and check out all the entries!  The top 30 posters will be exhibited next month at No Vacancy Gallery (the show opens on Oct 12th and runs for just one week until October 17th).  AND keep your eyes peeled for the winning poster - 4000 copies will be printed and pasted all over the streets of Melbourne very soon!

Beautiful design with a positive message.   Brilliant.

More Positive Poster goodness... Mike Witcomb and Micah Scott.

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