Vitrine at Melbourne Design Week. Photo – Annika Kafcaloudis

Jay Jermyn’s work on display at Vitrine. Photo – Annika Kafcaloudis

Sculpture by Peter D. Cole. Photo – Annika Kafcaloudis

Artists + Designers Explore The Emotional Meaning Of Objects In ‘Vitrine’ At Melbourne Design Week

See emotive sculpture, object, and furniture works by artists Brud Studia, Fiona J Schoer, Isabella Mackay-Sim, Jeremy Blincoe, Matt Bromhead, Peter D. Cole and more at ‘Vitrine’ — on now at Melbourne Design Week.

Amelia Barnes
23rd of May 2023

When speaking of objects, humans often refer to an item’s functional benefits, when the value of objects often lies in the emotions pieces evoke. Vitrine is an exhibition that explores this connection.

Showing now at Melbourne Design Week, Vitrine is an invitation to reflect upon the significance of objects and how they shape and reflect our identity. The exhibition serves as an opportunity for visitors to engage and appreciate how the relationship between object, people, and place can act as a foundation for self-expression and creativity.

Vitrine is presented by creative director Marsha Golemac. Marsha uses the language of storytelling to challenge our relationship to ‘things’ — place, design, material matter, and each other — and produce visual outcomes that are meticulous in detail and elevated in their capacity to elicit an emotive response.

Participating sculpture, object, and furniture artists in Vitrine are:

Fiona J. Schoer. Sculpture artist Fiona J. Schoer’s practice investigates body/object relations through abstraction. Found objects are deconstructed and reassembled to produce small to medium scale sculptures and paintings.

Peter D. Cole. Renowned Australian sculptor, Peter D. Cole presents ‘Rocks and moons’ — a reflection on past explorations, the relationship between sky and land, heaven and earth.  Colours and forms of the natural world are realised through the artist’s distinct visual language, resulting in a captivating sculptural composition.

Brud Studia. Established in Melbourne in 2020, Brud Studia is the collaborative furniture & object practice of designers Andy Kelly and Mitchell Zurek. The studio’s one-of-a-kind and brutalist-inspired furniture and objects are created with clear and simple intentions.

Jeremy Blincoe. Sculpture artist Jeremy Blincoe presents two new works extending his practice of combining unusual materials and technologies.

Isabelle Mackay-Sim. ‘This dream of Flesh #8’ by artist Isabelle Mackay-Sim forms part of a series of biomorphic works that reframe imperfect bodies through the abstraction and fragmentation of the figure. The work aims to affect conflicting emotions in the viewer through a sense of the uncanny, in order to encourage prolonged looking and, ultimately, a reconsideration of what is normal when it comes to the human body.

Matt Bromhead. Artist Matt Bromhead showcases a series of sculptures built with collected materials and smaller deliberate interventions to bring each work to completion. Informed by low-fidelity production methods as a display of economy, the artist’s work is developed naturally alongside daily rituals.

Other exhibitors in Vitrine include musician, industrial designer, and artist Jay Jermyn; creative director and artist Tamara Maynes; and artist and designer Anna Varendorff.

Vitrine at Melbourne Design Week
Friday May 19-Wednesday May 24, 2023
43 Derby Street, Collingwood, Victoria

Supported By Melbourne Design Week

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