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Finally, Un-Ugly Air Conditioners!

The Unico Pro air conditioner from Olimpia Splendid replaces bulky external motors with discrete wall vents. 

Sasha Gattermayr
15th of November 2021

The quest for an air conditioner without a bulky external unit ends here!

The Unico Pro by Olimpia Splendid is a wall-mounted air conditioner with no secondary unit. Instead, two small vents sit discreetly on an outdoor wall, which means no more noisy boxes hanging out your window or taking up valuable balcony space. Also, it’s designed and made in Italy, so you know it’s going to look chic.

The Unico Pro is a split system offering heating as well as cooling for all year round efficiency. Though a slick design like this will appeal to most people with their own space, it’s especially useful for inner-city living and apartments. So much space-saving potential!

It’s quiet in both looks and noise. What more could you want?

See more about Unico Pro air conditions from Olimpia Splendid here.

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