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TDF's Family Columnist Releases Her First Book!

Today our brilliant family columnist Ashe Davenport released her memoir about motherhood, and it’s every bit as sad, joyous and hilarious as it ought to be.

Sally Tabart
17th of June 2020

Before Ashe Davenport became our Family columnist, the TDF team used to lurk her Instagram on the regular. In a time when our social media feeds seemed filled with picture-perfect families, Ashe was posting content that felt relatable and real – from waking up at 2am on Christmas morning to a spewing kid with gastro, to Broadway dancing out the front door on her first solo coffee date sans kids. These hilarious moments were interspersed with thoughtful, poignant pieces of writing that weren’t afraid to explore the darkness of parenting and motherhood.

Ashe’s writing on Sad Mum Lady sort of represented the ‘anti mummy blogger’, and over the last year of writing the TDF family column she’s brought her witty, thoughtful, and deeply relatable style to her interviews.

SOMEHOW over the last couple of years (with two children under two, might I add!), Ashe has birthed her third child – a book of essays that takes the same title as her blog, Sad Mum Lady! Funny and ridiculous, unapologetic and frank, Sad Mum Lady published by Allen & Unwin takes the same honest approach that we’ve come to know and love from Ashe.

To quote the blurb: ‘Savage, true and deeply relatable – finally, a book that resists the sanitised, acceptable face of parenting. You might not feel better, but at least you’ll feel less alone.’

To celebrate the release of Sad Mum Lady, Ashe will be going live on her Instagram tonight (Wednesday, June 17th) at 7pm for storytime with her kids reading an essay from the book. ‘It will be a disaster’, Ashe says. We’ll be there!

Get your copy of Sad Mum Lady here!

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