Artwork by Sarah Pannell and Saskia Wilson.

Buy Incredible Photography Prints From Top Australian Artists On This New Online Art Platform

SUN Editions is a new online marketplace for limited-edition, high-quality art prints from leading Australian photographers.

Sasha Gattermayr
13th of April 2021

Buying good art is one thing, knowing where to find it is a completely different deal! But in the last year, we’ve seen a boom in fine art dealerships selling direct to the public.

SUN Editions is a new fine art print marketplace and an exciting addition to this robust scene. Launched by SUNSTUDIOS – a creative hub in Melbourne and Sydney for photographers, videographers and production teams with its own highly-regarded print service – the new platform will feature archival prints from nine leading photographers.

SUN Editions’ exclusive online photography collection will complement SUNSTUDIOS existing gallery spaces in Melbourne and Sydney. Only ten editions will be made per size of each artwork, with multiple, customisable framing options available for each. Prices of the prints vary by size, going between $800 – $4,000.

The artists represented are Ingvar Kenne, Michaela Skovranova, Nicole Reed, Paul Blackmore, Sarah Pannell, Saskia Wilson, Simon Harsent, Steven Chee, Toby Burrows – while their artworks span such diverse subject matter such as marine life and architecture to landscapes in Palm Springs. The online launch of SUN Editions will be complemented by in-person exhibitions at the Melbourne and Sydney galleries (details below).

SUN Editions is live now. See the available prints here!

42 Maddox Street
Alexandria, NSW
April 23 – May 19, 2021

95 Buckhurst Street

South Melbourne, VIC
May 28 – June 27, 2021

Supported by SUNSTUDIOS and Canon

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