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The Best Of Experimental Ceramicists + Glass-Blowers In One Exhibition!

Melbourne Design Week presents Preliminary Structures – a contemporary craft exhibition featuring Liam Fleming, Kirsten Perry, Somchai Charoen + more!

Sasha Gattermayr
26th of March 2021

Mould-making can often been dismissed as an industrialised process, relegated to the realm of mass-manufacturing. But world-class artisans rely on moulds all the time. Some of the most talented makers and craftspeople in Australia use moulds to create their groundbreaking designs.

A new exhibition curated by Eliza Tiernan and Josephine Briginshaw as part of Melbourne Design Week unites seven local designers and makers across ceramics and glass-blowing to explore the nuance of mould-made forms. Preliminary Structures will reflect on craft’s complicated relationship with industry, sculpture, design and architecture through works by Kristen Perry, Liam Fleming, Damon Moon, David Herbert, Somchai Charoen, Kristin Burgham and James Walsh. A particular highlight is Liam Fleming’s folded, melted glass forms!

The rich and varied practices of each independent artist represents the complexity of mould-made forms, while as a whole the exhibition will explore the physical elements of craft composition such as surface texture, scale and form. The show celebrates these pieces and practices for their craftsmanship and artistry!

Preliminary Structures
9th March – 4th April

Creo Gallery
34 Cremorne Street
Cremorne, 3121

Opening Hours:
Wednesdays – Fridays 10am – 4pm
Saturdays 11am – 3pm
Sunday 28 March and public holidays 11am – 3pm

Supported by Melbourne Design Week

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