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See Melbourne Ceramicist Oh Hey Grace's Dreamy Solo Show

A new exhibition from Grace Brown of Oh Hey Grace, titled ‘Home’, features a mini architectural world filled with geometric stairwells and Moroccan archways.

Christina Karras
21st of February 2022

When we last featured ceramicist Grace Brown of Oh Hey Grace, she was set to show her captivating sculptures at the Gallery of Small Things (GOST) in Canberra. Two years later – thanks to pandemic-related postponements – Grace’s solo exhibition with GOST is finally open to the public!

Her show, Home, imagines a utopian world filled with mini abodes and wall hangings with  intricate Moroccan-style arches and stairways in terracotta, white and black clays, created from her Melbourne studio.

‘This collection invites the viewer to use their imagination to interpret and understand each piece. What world does this miniature dwelling belong to? Who lives here? Who calls this place home?’, Grace says. ‘Each piece aims to offer a small gateway to a different world while also playing with scale, geometry, and form.’

Home is open at GOST from February 18 until March 6, but you can also shop and view her catalogue online, here.

February 18 – March 6
11am – 4pm

Gallery of Small Things
27 Wade Street
Watson, ACT

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