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North's New Fashion Collection Celebrates Desert Designs From Warlpiri Artists

How beautiful are these pieces adorned with the artworks of five senior Warlpiri artists in the new ‘Warlu’ collection?!

Sasha Gattermayr
7th of October 2020

A new collection of beautiful printed garments from North has landed, and it’s open for pre-sales!

The ‘Warlu’ collection sees the designs of five artists from Yuendumu and Nyirripi, communities in the Northern Territory, located nearly 300 kilometres away from Alice Springs. This joyful range comprises silk camis, cotton shorts, dresses and shirts all adorned with the designs of senior Warlpiri artists Murdie Nampijinpa Morris, Hilda Nakamarra Rojers, Steven Jupurrurla Nelson, Flora Nakamarra Brown and Shanna Napanangka Williams. Each artwork featured in this collection is of one of the artist’s Jukurrpa – often called a Dreaming Story. Through this collaboration with North, the artists invite the celebration Warlpiri culture and their artwork, shared as fashion.

North is a non-Aboriginal owned, not-for-profit charity working alongside Indigenous artists and arts centres to create designs for fashion and homewares fabrics. The creative work provides additional income streams to remote communities and facilitates new learning and industry in these areas, as well as bringing stories of culture, family and country to a broader audience.

All designs are hand-sewn in Melbourne and profits from sales redistributed to the artists’ communities. In addition, all artists are paid for their design work above the standards set out by the Indigenous Arts Law.

You can suss the Warlu collection and place a pre-order here. Learn more about North by revisiting our feature

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