Deep Field, by Nicolette Johnson

Nicolette Johnson's 'Star Pots' Shine In Her Latest Exhibition!

See pots decorated abundantly with handmade stars at Nicolette Johnson’s latest exhibition in Ashgrove, open from tomorrow!

Sarah Hendriks
6th of October 2023

Nicolette Johnson’s latest exhibition, DEEP FIELD, features art-on-art. For its not only the beautiful ceramic pots on display but the many tiny, handmade ceramic stars on the pots that are on show too.

Nicolette explains, ‘the pots in this exhibition are decorated abundantly with handmade stars, the pots themselves almost becoming canvases for the small sculptures.’

It’s an appropriate level of celebration for the tiny stars, as Nicolette has painstakingly and individually hand-thrown thousands of points in order to create them. ‘I’m so pleased I was able to coax these into existence’, she says.

The eye-catching exhibition features 15 works Nicolette has been working on for the past four months, and it’s open from tomorrow at Paper Boat Press. Find the details below.


Paper Boat Press
60 Ashgrove Crescent, Ashgrove
Queensland, Turrbal and Yuggera Country

Opening Night: October 6

Exhibition dates: October 7 – 21

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