Photo - Courtesy of Warmun Art Centre.

A Father-Daughter Duo Explore Warlawoon Country In A New Show At Koskela Gallery

‘Ngaboo-lang’ by Rammey Ramsey and Kathy Ramsay comprises seven painted works exploring their ancestral land.

Sasha Gattermayr
5th of March 2021

From 2020 onwards, the Koskela Gallery in Rosebery has committed to only display work from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and community arts centres. ‘Ngaboo-Lang’ is the most recent exhibition within this initiative. It displays seven artworks by father-daughter painting duo, Rammey Ramsey and Kathy Ramsay. The pair of artists work from Warmun Art Centre, which is owned and governed by the Gija people of the East Kimberly regions.

‘Ngaboo-lang’ is a Gija phrase meaning two people who call themselves father and child. Using vibrant ochre and acrylic paints, the pair of artists depict the hills, camping spots and waterholes of Warlawoon Country, Rammey’s ancestral land. Warlawoon Country has been occupied by Bedford Downs and Tableland Stations, so Kathy and Rammey use their art to capture the historical, cultural and geographic significance of the now cultivated land.

Though both artists now live in Juwurlinji (Bow River), their compositions carry a longing for their ancestral Country and the trauma of pastoral settlement on the Gija people’s homelands.

‘Ngaboo-Lang’ by Rammey and Kathy Ramsay
March 6th – April 18th, 2021

Koskela Gallery
1/85 Dunning Avenue
Rosebery, NSW

See here for more information about Ngaboo-lang and shop the artworks now!

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