Hannah Nowlan, courtesy Saint Cloche.

Exploring 'Tundra' With Hannah Nowlan

The artist returns for her second solo show at Saint Cloche, opening October 30th and exploring duality, mythology and spirituality.

Miriam McGarry
29th of October 2019

Hannah Nowlan first exhibited at Saint Cloche as an emerging artist in early 2018 with her show Lacuna that captured and communicated her connection Australian landscapes – particularly the surf coast of Victoria where she lives.

Her new show TUNDRA sees Hannah expand on her explorations of landscape, where she draws upon the cool, ghostly and barren scenes of fields, deserts and oceans to create organic and pared-back paintings.

Hannah explains ‘TUNDRA feels incredibly stripped back and honest.’ The work captures the vastness of being surrounded by an edgeless horizon, and the artist highlights how she is interested in themes of afterlife, death, duality, mythology and spirituality.

The abstracted images allow the viewer to bring their own ideas to the works – shifting desert sands, rolling oceans, and dry creek beds can all be read in a single painting. For Hannah, TUNDRA offers ‘moments of clarity followed by the hazy clouds of ambiguity.’

Hannah Nowland 
October 30th – November 10th
Opening night October 30th, 6-8pm. 
Saint Cloche Gallery 
37 Macdonald Street 
Paddington NSW 

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