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‘A Great Balancing Act’ By Fiona Chandler Opens At Sydney Road Gallery

See Fiona Chandler’s new exhibition of fluid watercolour paintings at Balgowlah’s Sydney Road Gallery

Amelia Barnes
8th of September 2022

Artist Fiona Chandler captures beautifully fluid landscapes showcased in a new exhibition opening today at Sydney Road Gallery in Balgowlah, Sydney.  

A Great Balancing Act is Fiona’s first publicly-accessible exhibition in three years, featuring playfully distributed watercolour on canvas capturing the ever-shifting nature of this period. How the paint disperses and dries is unpredictable, much like the complex Australian landscapes they depict.

The artist describes the creative process as a juggling and responding act; one she leans into or pushes against. Varying shades and tones reveal themselves as drops of paint are added to ‘puddles’ of water on the canvas, producing hues reminiscent of stained glass that gently bleed into one another. Tiny sections of intricate detail juxtapose these swashes of block colour, surrounded by negative space.

Fiona likens her work to a children’s storybook — full of adventure and exploration and with hours and skill that go into their creation — but with the simplicity to enjoy repeatedly as new patterns and narratives emerge.

Accompanying Fiona’s works in A Great Balancing Act are ceramics by Larissa Warren of Ratbag Studios that represent the physicality of the landscape in clay form. This medium continues the dialogue of unpredictability, yet amazement, in art and life. 

A Great Balancing Act by Fiona Chandler
Thursday September 8-Thursday September 22, 2022
Sydney Road Gallery
451 Sydney Road, Balgowlah NSW 2093

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