Image – 'From A To Eames' spread written by Lauren Whybrow with illustrations by Tom Jay.

Have You Ever Secretly Wondered…What IS Mid-Century Modern?

A visual guide to a celebrated era of design ‘From A To Eames’ by Lauren Whybrow and illustrations by Tom Jay.

Miriam McGarry
17th of May 2019

Mid-century modern is really having a moment…but what are the characteristics that define this oft-cited era? London-based Australian author Lauren Whybrow and illustrator Tom Jay have created a visual catalogue of homes, interior design, graphic design, illustration and key protagonists of the movement in their new publication ‘From A to Eames‘.

Lauren explains that after first visiting the Rose Seidler House as a teenager, she realised she had found an obsession after ‘voraciously spending hours on eBay hunting down Parker tables and Tessa chairs.’ After first being attracted to the aesthetics of the design movement, Lauren discovered the inclusive ethos that underpinned the movement of ‘making good design available to the many.’

‘From A to Eames’ catalogues key moments from the legacy of Charles and Ray Eames, to the Farnsworth House and Egg Chair. This adult picture book is the guide to understanding why Don Draper’s office looked so swish and how to spot mid-century modern at the local op-shop. Learn to tell your Zeisel from your Zanotta, ‘and if you can’t afford an Eames coffee table, then rejoice in knowing that ‘From A to Eames’ makes an inexpensive and equally satisfying alternative.’

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