Cute Handmade Aprons For Tiny Chefs!

Little Linens sell patterned aprons designed, printed and hand-sewn from a kitchen table in Melbourne!

Sasha Aarons
17th of June 2021

When lockdown hit last year, longtime crafter Laura Callanan started sewing facemasks for the general public. When restrictions came around a second time, she took her daughter’s colourful scribbles and printed them onto an apron she designed and hand-sewn herself. It was the first spark of an excellent idea!

A few lockdowns later and Laura has launched Little Linens – a new one-woman-business creating tiny aprons for toddlers aged 18 months to five years old! Laura created the four designs herself and has them printed onto fabric locally, before hand-sewing each piece at her home studio. Each pattern is fun and colourful with either figurative designs (the pink and yellow ‘Pasta’ apron, and blue and orange ‘Daisy’ apron) or abstract (the fluoro ‘Scribble’ apron and the green and orange ‘Squiggle’ apron).

‘The designs are basically just cute concepts and colour combinations of fashion I’d like to wear,’ says Laura. ‘I always struggle to find unique clothing when it comes to patterns, so I just decided to come up with my own.’

If you wouldn’t mind a cute patterned adult-sized apron yourself, then fear not! Laura is working on aprons for bigger people in matching patterns to the mini ones, while a second collection of new toddler-sized designs will come out later in the year.

So adorable!

Until the matching adult ones come out, you can buy kid-sized Little Linen aprons here!

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