Photo - Lilli Waters.

These Moody Contemporary Photographs Look Like Renaissance Paintings!

A new exhibition of underwater photographs from artist Lilli Waters depicts the hypnotic beauty of flowers in bloom.

Sasha Gattermayr
18th of November 2020

A new solo exhibition from photographic artist Lilli Waters sees her large-scale photographic works explore the decadence and disillusions of the contemporary world.

Drawing inspiration from the Dutch painting masters of the 1600s, Lilli’s contemporary lens finds the same moody, hypnotic earthly beauty these artists exuded on canvas. Think the Rembrandts hanging in the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands!

Each frame sees flowers suspended in water cloaked in sheets of plastic and accompanied by fish, the delicate petals blossoming from the depths of velvety blackness. This scenery depicts the fragility of the natural world up against its might and uncertainty, and directs attention to its impermanence.

Part exploration of a Renaissance-luxe aesthetic and part cultural commentary on our consumerist compulsions, Lilli’s majestic works are both elegant and thought-provoking.

The exhibition is free but bookings are essential. See here for availabilities.

‘Disenchantments of the World’
An in-person exhibition of large-scale photographic works
18th – 28th of November

Curatorial + Co. Gallery
Studio 1, 175 Cleveland Street
Redfern, NSW

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