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An Anonymous Art Show With Pieces For $100 By Top Australian Artists!

The Incognito Art Show features works by amateur and celebrated Australian artists, the twist is, it’s all anonymous.

2nd of August 2023

The Incognito Art Show isn’t an ordinary charity art sale. The exciting exhibition has over 1700 original, A5-sized artworks still available at just $100 by amateur and high profile artists alike. The catch? You don’t know who has painted what!

Included in the show are works by 12 Archibald Prize finalists, including Laura Jones, Eliza Gosse and Abdul Abdullah; three 2023 Wynne Prize finalists, Joan Ross, Miranda Hine and Jason Phu; and three 2023 Sulman Prize finalists including Marisa Purcell and Jessica Nothdurft; as well as a host of extremely talented emerging artists.

All artists remain anonymous until a piece is sold at which point the artist’s name will be revealed to the buyer on the back of the artwork. The show’s unique model encourages buyers to purchase art that truly speaks to them, regardless of who painted it.

The Incognito Art Show is Australia’s largest charity art sale with all profits going to two arts companies supporting artists with disability; Studio A and Little Orange Studio.

In-person sales opened last month, but there are still a score of fantastic pieces still available online. Go check them out!

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