Photo – courtesy of Jenna Holmes.

Have An At Home Pasta Party With Pasta Club!

Pasta Club is the new homemade pasta (+ so much more) delivery box that celebrates fresh, seasonal ingredients and good times all round!

Sally Tabart
18th of August 2020

You might remember Jenna Holmes from one of her two amazing house tours on TDF over the past few years. And while you probably know her best as Plant Mama, Jenna been working hard on another project that brings together two of her other passions – pasta and parties!

Late last year Jenna launched Pasta Club, a ticketed dinner party series hosted out of Jenna’s plant and art-filled warehouse home. There was homemade pasta! There was wine! There were good times! The party was hosted under a sign emblazoned with ‘EAT THE SPAGHETTI TO FORGETTI YOUR REGRETTI’, if that gives you an idea of the vibe. And then….2020 happened. So now, Pasta Club is coming to you!

Pasta Club delivery boxes are filled to the brim with everything you need to recreate your very own Pasta Club experience at home. Each box comes with handmade pasta for two (with leftovers), two sauces homemade by Jenna, a deliciously sharp imported parmesan, salty butter, and ingredients for two salads. Jenna has also teamed up with local businesses Fig & Salt for dessert, Wildflos for flowers, and Astro Vino for (optional) wine. All of this comes in a box that can be delivered within a 35 kilometre radius of Melbourne’s CBD. The menu is vegetarian, and can also be made gluten-free on request.

Pasta Club boxes require with light preparation (boil water in pot, put salad ingredients in a bowl – that kind of prep) and strict instructions to put your phone away, pop on the Pasta Club Spotify playlist, connect to the person sitting across the table, and enjoy the experience of eating a meal lovingly prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Chef’s kiss!

The next Pasta Club delivery is this Friday! Order your box here

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