Hannah Fox's Perimeter exhibition at Brunswick Street Gallery.


Artist Hannah Fox.

Melbourne Artist Hannah Fox Unveils New Solo Exhibition At Brunswick Street Gallery

The artist’s ninth solo exhibition comprises a collection of abstract paintings inspired by the native Australian landscape.

Emily Holgate
Chris Bowes
31st of May 2024

Melbourne-based visual artist Hannah Fox spent six months creating her latest body of work — a collection of abstract paintings inspired by the varying colours and hues of our native landscapes.

Titled Perimeter, Hannah’s ninth solo show sees her lean into the abstract more than ever before as she explores unconventional boundaries with each brushstroke. Soft shades of aubergine and muted grey-green tones are contrasted against pops of pink and red — a nod to the colour palette of the Australian bush at twilight.

‘My paintings have become more abstracted as my practice has evolved over the last 20 years,’ she says. ‘I feel that abstract art is a timeless and universal language that can speak to everyone on many levels.’

Each canvas portrays various shifting shapes and perimeters as Hannah plays with different spatial concepts, both positive and negative. The result is a collection of art layered with depth and intrigue that invites viewers to consider the respective relationships between form and emptiness, and presence and absence.

Hannah explains that at the core of her artistic inquiry is the representation of mass and void, which is why she drew inspiration from her surrounding environment — from a clifftop meeting the sea to a rock emerging high from the ground.

‘I aim to mirror the unpredictable contours found in nature,’ she adds. ‘I have grown to love working in a non-objective medium, as I find there are limitless possibilities to create an idea and turn it into something new and exciting for an audience to make their own interpretations.’

Check out Perimeter at Brunswick Street Gallery from May 30 – June 16.

Brunswick Street Gallery
Level 1 & 2/322 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

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