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The Bright Future Of Australian Design And Innovation

Showcasing the work of The Melbourne School of Design’s graduate students, MSDx celebrates the next generation.

Sally Tabart
10th of June 2019

The Melbourne School of Design is one of the country’s premiere institutions for design and innovation. As the graduate school of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne, this is where you’re likely to find the Next Big Things!

The spectacular John Wardle-designed Melbourne School of Design building will host MSDx this June, transforming the space into a brilliant multi-floor gallery showcasing the ideas and studio work from students. The scope of the work in this biannual exhibition ranges from undergraduate to Masters-level students, produced through more than 60 design studios covering areas including Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Graphic Design, and Performance Design.

Students across the board have taken into account the social, environmental and cultural concerns of their generation, helping to shape this important next phase of the built world and going to the core of design’s greater purpose. ‘We are framing design not simply as a collection of professions, disciplines or techniques, but as a vantage on the world from which things can be seen and achieved’, explains Professor Alan Pert, director of the Melbourne School of Design.

Listening to and learning from the next generation of great thinkers and makers is how we should all be moving forward, and the exciting work at MSDx offers a window to a brighter future. The exhibition will be open to the public, and aside from the student projects on display, offers a legitimate reason to stickybeak inside one of Melbourne’s most impressive University buildings!

MSDx mid-year exhibition
Opening Thursday, June 20th from 6pm
June 21st – July 5th
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm
Melbourne School of Design building
University of Melbourne, Victoria

Supported by MSD

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