Image – courtesy of David + Yuge Bromley.

David + Yuge Bromley's Massive Spring Clean Sale

Skip the grand final, and collect something wild and wonderful from David Bromely’s Daylesford sale, starting this Friday!

Miriam McGarry
25th of September 2019

If you’ve ever had your eye on a slice of David and Yuge Bromley’s incredible collection of eccentric belongings and artworks, but haven’t had an opportunity to make a purchase, now is your opportunity! 

Yuge Bromely describes this sale as a spring clean, and an essential move for the couple to open up some space in their lives. She describes ‘we have too many “we’ll get to that” pieces for projects that we just won’t get to and it’s time to have a clean out.’ The sale includes furniture, collectibles, clothing, design objects, bikes, and of course, artworks. 

To give you an indication of the scale of this sale…its hosted across two sites! Follow along @bromleyspringcleansale on Instagram to get the inside scoop of the huge range of artworks available. It is definitely worth a day trip (or weekend trip) to Daylesford. Move aside grand final, this is a grand Bromley sale! 

Bromley Spring Clean Sale 
27-29th September 
39 East Street and 45a Vincent Street 

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