'Retro Futurism’ by Dave Kulesza.

Dave captured the photographs from his latest series while travelling Japan.

It’s an exploration of the country’s unique architecture.

Dave Kulesza’s Latest Exhibition Captures Japanese Architecture In Unexpected Ways

Melbourne photographer Dave Kulesza’s latest series turns Japan’s bold architecture into striking limited-edition prints, on show next week!

Christina Karras
Dave Kulesza
11th of October 2023

On a visit to Japan earlier this year, Melbourne photographer Dave Kulesza took a photo of a barber shopfront in Kyoto that inspired his latest body of work.

He was struck by the building’s unique architecture and curved features, which looked both retro and futuristic at the same time.

‘This inspired a wider search for buildings accenting similar characteristics, gradually uncovering a theme with numerous other locations,’ Dave says.

He went on a ‘self-commissioned pilgrimage’ over the next two weeks, capturing the nostalgia of Japanese architecture, influenced by the prolific architect Kenzō Tange and the Metabolism movement that was established between the late 50s and early 60s.

What evolved was Dave’s new series, ‘Retro Futurism’. The fine art photos offer a quiet, reflective look at some of Japan’s most distinctive structures, train stations and urban cityscapes — freezing them in time without their usual, famously bustling atmosphere.

He’s turned 30 photographs from the series into large-scale, limited-edition prints that will be on show from October 19 at Antoinette Ferwerda Gallery in Brighton East.

Following on from his earlier successful photographic series of North Korea, Dave has also created a 150-page book featuring 100 striking images from his trip.

The exhibition runs from October 19 until October 29, and a special 20 per cent discount will be available on all framed and unframed prints purchased on opening night!

‘Retro Futurism’ by Dave Kulesza opens Thursday October 19.

Antoinette Ferwerda Gallery
659 Nepean Highway
Brighton East, VIC

Opening night: 6pm – 9pm
Exhibition hours: 10am – 5pm

RSVP to Hello@antoinetteferwerda.com.au 

Supported By Dave Kulesza

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