Cultivated's Melbourne Design Week Installation. Photo – courtesy of Cult.

Extend The Lifecycle Of Designer Furniture And Lighting With Cultivated

Cult relaunches Cultivated during Melbourne Design Week – a buy-back, refurbishment and recycling service that aims to create a sustainable circular economy for designer wares.

Sally Tabart
1st of April 2021

Good design should last a lifetime. No one gets this more than Cult, one of Australia’s leading designer suppliers of iconic local and international furniture, lighting and objects. But even the most finely crafted piece will need a few careful updates over time to preserve its condition for years to come. That’s why Cult established Cultivated back in 2013, then an in-house product stewardship service designed to care for their products after-sale.

Eight years later, Cult has elevated this offering into a holistic sustainability program to give new life to tired pieces. Launched as part of Melbourne Design Week, Cultivated now offers buy-back, refurbishment and recycling services and works with a host of local craftspeople across a broad range of specialisations – from metal workers to carpenters to upholsterers – to revive authentic designer wares and create a sustainable circular economy for furniture and lighting.

The Cultivated service is open to anyone in Australia. Whether you’ve got a single lounge chair in need of an update, or an office full of chairs looking for a new home, fill out the form on the Cultivated website to have their team of experts assess your wares.

Cultivated ensures that good design doesn’t just last a lifetime – but many!

Visit the Cultivated website here to learn more about their buy-back, refurbishment and recycling services. 

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