Go To Caroline Walls’ Gallery Opening Via IGTV!

Let’s be real, what else are you doing? The Melbourne-based visual artist is taking to the virtual realm to open her solo show, Resemblance.

Sasha Gattermayr
2nd of April 2020

Caroline Walls was due to open her exhibition, Resemblance, at Jerico Contemporary in person tonight but, obviously, some stuff got in the way. As the saying goes, if the mountain won’t come to Mohammad, Mohammad will come to the mountain. And if you can’t go to the exhibition opening, then Jerico Contemporary and Caroline Walls are going to bring it to you! At 6pm tonight gallery director Jerico Tracy will call Caroline for a walk-through of her completely installed show and live stream everything to Instagram, including a one-on-one conversation between the artist and director.

The virtual tour will feature a new body of Caroline’s distinctive figures that challenge the language of the traditional female nude. By examining themes of birth and fertility, Caroline reframes her familiar experience of the female body by staging it in the early stages of motherhood, thereby challenging it with otherness. Each piece is halfway between abstract and figurative, but contains an unmistakable silhouette carefully weighted between tenderness and strength. These pieces explore the overwhelming fluidity of the female form with precision and subtlety.

In addition, Jerico Contemporary will host a virtual viewing room on their website for those who can’t make the Instagram live session tonight. This will include installation imagery, a video walk-through of the exhibition, the playlist Caroline curated while painting this body of work, and an additional video series including an artist talk with Caroline and a curator-led tour of the space.

Join the artist and curator on Instagram Live at 6pm tonight here. Missed the stream? Visit the digital viewing room for a virtual tour, artist and curator talks, and Caroline’s studio playlist here!

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