Paintings from left to right: 'She Once Was', 'Both Sides of Her Love' and 'Under Cover of Darkness' by Caroline Walls.

Dive Into Caroline Walls’ Intimate New Artworks

The Melbourne-based artist hosts her first multimedia exhibition the 2020 way – on her own website!

Sasha Gattermayr
6th of November 2020

2020 has been a year of many firsts; but for artist Caroline Walls, this is the first time she has ever exhibited her ceramics!

‘And She Was’ is the artist’s most recent exhibition, which displays eight new paintings in her articulate, recognisable style alongside eight clay sculptures. Completed in Caroline’s home studio in Melbourne during the past few months of lockdown, the ceramic pieces were built and painted by hand, and are mounted atop a custom Blackwood timber plinth (which the buyer will also take home!).

Caroline’s familiar painted compositions play with the soft colours and organic forms of the female body to create an intimate and sensual portrayal of womanhood. Striving to tell a story of enduring love, Caroline captures the connection between self and body, and the pure simplicity of human form.

In true 2020 style, ‘And She Was’ is an online only show. See the exhibition here.

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