This Bowl Is Made From 1,870 Recycled Bread Tags

Country Road is continuing its 5-star sustainability agenda with this handcrafted tableware from South Australia!

Sasha Gattermayr
11th of May 2020

Last year, Country Road dazzled us with the re-opening of their Chadstone flagship store, which received a 5-star Green Star Design Review rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. With terrazzo-like fixtures made from recycled yoghurt containers and carpet fashioned from discarded fishing nets, there’s no denying the Australian fashion brand has gone all-out in its innovative sustainability agenda.

Now they’ve taken it up a notch, partnering with South Australian resident Brad Scott, who has a degree in chemistry, on a line of recycled tableware. Brad purchases kilos of surplus plastic bread tags from Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs – a charity which uses the profits from the discarded packaging material to buy wheelchairs for vulnerable communities in South Africa – to make his marble-like serving bowls.

Then, he uses machines he built himself from domestic ovens and car jacks to melt and compress the bread tags into the products. Each bowl is made from 1,870 bread tags, with no other materials added in the process!

The bowls and bread clip boards are only available online at Read more about the process here! Country Road is the sponsor of the Sustainable Design category at The Design Files + Laminex Design Awards 2020.

Supported by Country Road

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