Beci Orpin's Unattainable Rainbows

Beci Orpin opens a new show about the relationship between materialistic acquisitions and the pursuit of happiness.

Elle Murrell
2nd of November 2017

Designer-illustrator and full-time legend, Beci Orpin, has just opened a new show at Jacky Winter’s Lamington Drive Gallery.

In true Beci style ‘Unattainable Rainbows’ is bright and graphic, inspired by readjusting to the mundanity of everyday life following the return from a big adventure across the USA. Getting caught up in a cycle of materialistic desire and acquisition (can relate), ‘Unattainable Rainbows’ refers to trying to fill a void and chase *that feeling* with stuff and things.

‘A new rug, a pair of jeans, some pony-hair Mary-Jane shoes, an ottoman, some new make- up.’ Beci explains of her unattainable rainbows; ‘things I have lusted after, sometimes buying them in the pursuit of happiness. The joy was instant, but of course it didn’t last.’

Throughout the show’s first week, Beci encourages visitors to write down their own ‘Unattainable Rainbows’, from which she will then create new work based on the public’s deep, dark, materialistic desires.

‘Unattainable Rainbows’ will run from November 2nd – 18th at
 Lamington Drive Gallery in Collingwood.

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