Left: 'Here and Now' by Kate Florence. Right: Limestone sculpture 1 by Kate Florence x Neighbourhood Studio.

Visit Local Artist Kate Florence's Colourful New Exhibition

See (and shop!) Kate’s abstract paintings and sculptures created in collaboration with Neighbourhood Studio in Melbourne this week.

Christina Karras
15th of September 2022

Artist Kate Florence is hosting a new solo exhibition in Melbourne this week – and it’s beautifully surrealist.

Her ‘Dance of the shadows’ exhibition features abstract paintings of mysterious fluid figures and colourful faces Kate’s been working on for the past three years, alongside a second collaboration with local sculptor Lucas Wearne of Neighbourhood Studio.

Amazingly, Kate worked on the initial mark makings for the collection through the medium of dance, moving crayons freely around the canvas with music playing in the background! She later transformed these intuitive lines and shapes into cohesive artworks that have filled the walls of No Vacancy Gallery.

These works are complemented with the line-up of equally whimsical, one-off sculptures. Kate brought her bright, swirling lines to Lucas’ textured, hand-carved limestone pieces in a perfect merger between their two practices. All the works from the showcase are also available for purchase.

See ‘Dance of the shadows’ at No Vacancy Gallery until this Sunday September 18. 

No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane
Melbourne, VIC

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