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A Totally Online Ceramics Show!

Ceramicist Jason Fitzgerald explores the tactility of surface and clay in a digital exhibition.

Sasha Aarons
5th of March 2020

The alchemy of our modern world is one that allows hardened, rough, tactile clay forms to be experienced in on a digital plain. While Jan Murphy Gallery in Brisbane undergoes renovations, a few of its shows have been broadcast solely online, allowing the gallery to not only continue their regular programming but to reach a wider audience.

A former cabinet-maker by trade, Jason Fitzgerald’s ceramics practice explores the same geometry and functionality of handmade vessels. His ceramic sculptures borrow from the industrial shapes of modernist furniture, pushing authenticity through robust textural glaze and stacked, trapezoidal lines.

It’s the calcified texture of his pieces rather than their form that Jason explores in Alchemy, taking the breadth of varied geometric shapes as canvases to display the glazing. ‘It’s this flawed surface that I love so much and believe holds the true beauty of the work,’ he explains. The exhibition can only be viewed online but can be viewed by appoint at Jan Murphy Gallery on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

View the full exhibition here.

Alchemy by Jason Fitzgerald
A local ceramicist holds a purely online show
Tuesday, March 3rd – Tuesday, March 17th

Jan Murphy Gallery
486 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley, Brisban

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