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A New Print Journal For Nature-Lovers From The Planthunter

Georgina Reid launches ‘Wonderground’ – a bi-annual periodical exploring the human connection to landscape.

Sasha Gattermayr
2nd of February 2021

Georgina Reid has been at the helm of beloved online publication (and book!) The Planthunter since 2013. Now, she’s launching her next venture in the print realm!

Wonderground is a bi-annual periodical that will be published in March and October of each year. Printed locally on 100% recycled paper, the journal extends the work of its digital sister publication telling the stories of people, plants and the connection between them.

Contributors to Issue One range from poets to landscape architects, photographers to anthropologists – each sharing their meditations and ideas on the theme of transformation. Renowned author and farmer Bruce Pascoe (of Dark Emu fame) sitting alongside writer Neha Kale is the kind of lineup to expect! With a focus on properly paying contributors, Georgina wants to grow her community from respect, connection and a mutual passion for the natural world.

Order the first edition for $35 or order issues one and two in bulk for $65! (Pre-orders are super important for small-scale, independent print jobs – so if you’re passionate about Georgina’s work, this is the best way to support it!)

Wonderground will also be available in select retailers and on The Planthunter shop!

Read more about ‘Wonderground’s mission here + lodge your pre-orders here!

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