This New Design Studio Curates, Sources + Procures Furnishings For You!

Anyone who’s purchased, renovated or built a new home and then faced the task of ‘filling’ it with furniture and decor knows how daunting it can be.

It’s a problem Collingwood-based business, FURNISHD, looks to solve.

Armed with a team of design professionals, FURNISHD tackles interior decorating for you, from curating and sourcing to procurement — streamlining the process at an affordable price point.

Bea Taylor
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Meet the FURNISHD team! Photo – Dylan James

The FURNISHD studio in Collingwood. Photo – Dylan James

Photo – Dylan James

Bea Taylor
10th of April 2024

In 2021, partners Wayne Gao and Connie Yin discovered the complexity of navigating online retailers, showrooms, brands, colours, fabrics and sizes when looking for home furnishings. So, they decided to make the process much simpler.

‘Connie and I started FURNISHD during the pandemic with people like us and our friends in mind,’ explains Wayne. ‘Busy business owners, young professionals, working moms and dads who lead busy lives and often feel overwhelmed when it comes to curating and sourcing furnishings for our homes.’

FURNISHD is a design business that offers an ‘end-to-end’ furnishing service; including curating, sourcing and procurement.

‘It’s a streamlined fixed-fee approach paired with the flexibility of remote communication,’ says Wayne.

Led by senior interior designer Mandy Baxter, the FURNISHD design team work closely with their clients to understand their needs and personal tastes, tapping into the company’s vast internal library of local product knowledge to find the best pieces for the client’s budget and style.

‘My favourite part of the role is having the opportunity to design such varied spaces that are often a combination of different design styles and tastes,’ says Mandy.

So far the new design studio has helped furnish over 300 residential homes in Australia and New Zealand, one of which was shortlisted for the 2023 AIDA Residential Decoration award — and this year they’ve received two additional nominations in the same category.

‘We are very proud to be able to deliver bespoke design within a very limited budget, using a digital approach for clients who hadn’t considered hiring an interior designer,’ says Wayne.

Below, we look at four homes that have been expertly FURNISHD by the team!

The clients of this home were looking for a design outcome imbued with personality. Photo – Dylan James

FURNISHD sourced pieces from local designers and artisans. Photo – Dylan James

Pops of blue against the contemporary interiors. Photo – Dylan James

A Contemporary Home With ‘Eclectic’ Touches

The owners of this Melbourne home were looking to invest in distinctive pieces that could accommodate a growing family, says FURNISHD senior interior designer Mandy Baxter. Tasked with finding work from local designers and artisans that were ‘imbued with personality’ Mandy looked to Grazia & Co, Made Studio, Armadillo and Jardan to bring the owners’ vision to life.

‘The biggest challenge for this space was the consideration of longevity and family needs while creating a refined outcome,’ she explains. With young kids and pets in mind, Mandy was sure to select durable products and fabrics, nailing the sometimes impossible feat of beauty and practicality.

In this home, Mandy and her team prioritised clean lines and minimalist aesthetics to allow the focus to remain on the existing charm of the home. Photo – Alicia Taylor. Styling – Kerrie-Anne Jones

The custom made Pea chair by LLH Studio is one of Mandy’s favourite parts of the design. Photo – Alicia Taylor. Styling – Kerrie-Anne Jones

They also aimed to seamlessly fuse old and new. Photo – Alicia Taylor. Styling – Kerrie-Anne Jones

Photo – Alicia Taylor. Styling – Kerrie-Anne Jones

A Playful Reimagining With Mid-Century Flair

In this project Mandy and the team at FURNISHD were tasked with furnishing a professional couple’s first home with eclectic finds and mid-century flair.

‘The fusion of old and new was our number one priority,’ says Mandy. Her favourite part of the home is the living room, which features a custom-made Pea chair from LLH Studio in a wine-coloured fabric alongside a vintage walnut sideboard.

Wayne says they aimed to mirror the clients’ refined taste in the design of this project. Photo – Lillie Thompson

The Designer worked with the tonal hues of the home. Photo – Lillie Thompson

Pops of colour come through in artwork. Photo – Lillie Thompson

Photo – Lillie Thompson

Classic Design Meets Pops Of Colour In An Architectural Home

Managing budget and working with the established palette of hues in this architecturally designed home were the main drivers of this project, says Wayne.

The team balanced the budget to allow for a few hero pieces, offsetting these with picks at a more friendly price point.

‘Strong lines and considered forms underpin the design selections throughout with an aim of creating a fusion of timeless aesthetics and contemporary functionality,’ says Wayne.

The somewhat tonal palette of the home has been given an injection of colour in carefully chosen artwork.

The owners of this home entrusted FURNISHD with the task of furnishing their newly purchased home in Brunswick East. Photo – Dylan James

They chose pieces that worked with the existing contemporary finishes, whilst incorporating the clients’ love for mid-century design. Photo – Dylan James

‘This space proves smaller artworks sometimes provide the perfect amount of impact,’ says Mandy. Photo – Dylan James

A Calming Cosmetic Update For A Family Home

Faced with a quick settlement and a short time frame for furnishing, Mandy and her team focussed on strategic sourcing for this project.

‘Our approach was to create a fresh and playful design that would harmonise with the existing contemporary finishes while incorporating their love for mid-century modern elements,’ she explains.

Her favourite area is the main bedroom where tan and lavender come together with the more minimalist elements in the bedside table and lamp. ‘This space proves smaller artworks sometimes provide the perfect amount of impact,’ Mandy says.

Discover how FURNISHD can help you furnish your home here!

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