How To Inject Colour + Texture At Home, With TikTok Stars Josh & Matt

No one plays with colour, shape, and texture at home quite like Josh Jessup and Matt Moss, aka TikTokers @joshandmattdesign.

When we first wrote about this internet-famous duo they had just amassed 117,000 followers, and this week they just hit 1.6 million!

This is the couple’s third home we’ve visited, and it’s by far their biggest project yet.

They’ve styled the home with confidence — injecting bold colour through sculptural furniture pieces, texture through Double Shag rugs, and plenty of quirky vintage finds.

Discover how to develop your own unique style with their top styling tips.

Amelia Barnes
Editorial Styling

Annie Portelli + Lucy Feagins

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Josh Jessup and Matt Moss of TikTok account @joshandmattdesign, with their dog Louis, in their Melbourne home featuring the Double Human Brown Cotton Feel Rug.

The Double Human Brown Cotton Feel Rug in Josh and Matt’s conversation pit.

Amelia Barnes
Editorial Styling

Annie Portelli + Lucy Feagins

8th of December 2023

More is more in the home of Josh Jessup and Matt Moss, aka Josh & Matt, who have developed a cult following on TikTok for their eccentric and bold style.

We visited the couple for a tour of their huge Melbourne home, which they’ve been gradually furnishing over the past 12 months. And below the design-loving duo share their home styling tips for everything from how to be confident with colour, to how to make a cosy conversation pit.

Trust your gut

Josh and Matt have developed their signature home style and audience by following their instincts instead of trends.

They don’t question the pieces they’re drawn to, so you never know what they’ll find next, whether that’s an oversized nose, tactile cloud lights, or a ‘sassy’ chest of drawers!

‘It’s hard to describe what we look for because we hardly are ever looking for something in particular,’ explains Josh.

‘It really comes down to a gut feeling — it’s nearly always about how an object is making us feel, which to us is an important consideration to make when weighing up the functionality of a piece.

‘It’s a lot of fun mixing pieces together with varying degrees of physical and emotional functionality.’

Play with tactility and texture

Josh and Matt’s Melbourne home features several large and lofty rooms. To make these more cosy and manageable, they’ve divided the main spaces into zones by positioning inward facing seating on top of a large shaggy and textured rugs.

‘To us, it’s like the foundation of a room and helps tie everything else together. We love how they add texture, colour and soften a room,’ says Matt.

The tactility of Double’s new Shag rugs instils a warm and lived-in feel, especially in Josh and Matt’s makeshift conversation pit, created using Moroccan floor cushions and modular armchairs.

‘We came up with the concept and found all the pieces and purchased it all in one night,’ says Matt. ‘That was probably a little crazy but it turned out amazing and that’s what we love doing — pushing our own boundaries.’

Double’s rugs (even the Shag ones) are ideal for anyone with pets thanks to their removable and machine washable top layer.

‘Honestly we were shocked at the range and quality of these rugs,’ says Matt. ‘We’re all about incorporating decor into the home that heroes longevity, so we’re in love with the concept of washable rugs!’

Experiment to find your style

It goes without saying that Josh and Matt aren’t afraid of being bold with colour and pattern, but it wasn’t always this way!

They’ve developed their style over many years of experimenting with different design eras and being open to one another’s ideas.

‘That’s not to say we agree all the time. Sometimes we have completely opposite visions for a room so we will bounce off one another, blend and merge ideas, and it ends up becoming a space that was even better than either of our initial ideas,’ says Josh.

It’s ever evolving and no idea is too outlandish.’

When in doubt, start small

If the idea of colour scares you, Matt’s advice is to start introducing this through something small and temporary.

I think people often try to come up with an entire vision for a room and that is quite hard to master,’ he says.

‘Instead, start off small. Trial a colour with your cushions and layering pieces and that way it’s easier to change and experiment if you’re not liking something.

‘Over time you’ll develop your own taste and palette and become more confident mixing and matching.’

Who knows — in a few years you too might find yourself with millions of fans who can’t get enough of your eclectic and joyful style!

See Double’s full range of machine washable rugs here.

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