An Eclectic Sydney Family Home, With International Flair

Depending on the image or angle you’re viewing of Chad Barnier and Heidi D’Elboux’s home, you might think the property is in Bali, Copenhagen, or even New York City.

The home — which is actually located in St Peters, in Sydney’s inner-west — ties together these global influences through its eclectic design and artful styling.

The result is an inspiring and vibrant family home for the couple, their one-year old son Dallas, and bulldog Nash.

Lucy Feagins
Supported by Dulux

Low Lounge Chair by Percival Lafer from Vampt Vintage Design. Life Interiors Bowie Textured Velvet 3 Seat Sofa. Jardan Spreckels Rug. Cane & Wood Emporium Cesca replica dining chairs.

Vicara Julio Dolbeth Jug Rust, Blue & White from Jardan. Alice Gavalet Delia Vessel. Cane & Wood Emporium Cesca replica dining chairs. Learning From Japan print from Design Museum Denmark.

Heidi D’Elboux and Chad Barnier in their St Peters home.

Kitchen island bench made by the homeowner. Low Lounge Chair by Percival Lafer from Vampt Vintage Design.

Still Life With Pumpkin artwork from Palette By Jono Fleming.

Still Life With Pumpkin artwork from Palette By Jono Fleming. Kitchen island bench made by the homeowner.

The house is set back from the street.

Tropical foliage surrounds the home.

Lucy Feagins
15th of November 2023

Living in this St Peters home was seemingly written in the stars for creative director Chad Barnier and Heidi D’Elboux.

The couple were first attracted to the property for rent years ago for its character, but its pre-renovated state wasn’t suitable enough for their needs.

They moved to another home and were expecting their first child, when they received a notice to vacate — with the deadline being their baby’s due date!

‘We existed in a constant state of “stressed out” for a few weeks while looking for a new place to live — baby imminent,’ says Chad.

‘Fortunately, our friend noticed this St Peters home had reappeared on the market with recent renovations that included the addition of the rooms and bathrooms we had been looking for.

‘The timing was serendipitous, and we were immediately sold on the idea of making this house our new home.

‘It’s amazing how life has a way of bringing you back to the places that truly resonate with you, especially when you least expect it.’

Chad and Heidi were taken with the property’s tucked away position, set back from the street and its black framed windows.

‘They’re absolutely gorgeous and let in a lot of natural light but also evoke fond memories of our first apartment together in Waterloo,’ says Chad.

‘They also remind us of the iconic New York loft apartments that have been an inspiration to us for many years.’

The timber on the walls, ceiling, cladding, staircase and timber joinery add character and warmth, to contrast with the industrial style windows and concrete floors.

Heidi and Chad worked with their friend, interior stylist Jono Fleming (also Chad’s former boss!) to style the home, which was originally designed and constructed by Built Complete.

Although initially hesitant about the existing blue living room walls, they ended up working with, not against, this distinctive feature, embracing contrasting colour across the furniture selections and a mismatch of different artwork and objects.

Chad explains, ‘This home has encouraged me to feel more comfortable experimenting beyond traditional style labels like “industrial” or “boho” and better articulate my design preferences. People are nuanced, and I’ve learned that their living spaces should be too.’

While the move happened quickly, Heidi and Chad couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out to lead them to this home.

‘It has truly become a place where we’ve been able to create wonderful memories and start the next chapter of our lives,’ says Chad.

‘It’s a space where we are navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood, together and it’s a real blessing to know this will always be Dallas’ first home.’

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