Get The Look: Recreate The Studio Doherty x Laminex Nest Kitchen At Home

The latest Laminex kitchen collaboration is here, revealing another gorgeous kitchen to inspire, bring joy, and showcase the possibilities of Laminex products.

The Nest kitchen by Studio Doherty is the compact and affordable sister of the Scoop kitchen designed by the same leading interiors practice.

Discover how to get the look at home using the exact same Laminex materials and styling objects you see below. You can recreate the entire design exactly as is, or reference key features to create your own unique kitchen!

Amelia Barnes
Art direction
Supported by Laminex

Back bench: Laminex Surf. Laminex Terril (internal). Artedomus Sugie Series tiles (splashback). Fisher & Paykel appliances. Hay jug, dish rack, bowls, plates, and mugs. Noda Horo Pottle Enamel Kettle from Cibi.

Amelia Barnes
Art direction
12th of October 2023

Studio Doherty for Laminex

The Nest kitchen designed by Studio Doherty for Laminex is a seriously fun space.

The younger sister of the previous Scoop kitchen (also designed by Studio Doherty), this hardworking interior palette is intended for young families and those looking to renovate for the first time.

The design references mid-century modernism and American diner aesthetics. Neutral kitchen cabinetry allows for a bold application of contrasting features surfaces, paired with interesting shapes that provide visual interest and superior function.

Homeowners can easily draw inspiration from the Nest kitchen with the following advice from Mardi and the exact product breakdown. Here’s everything you need to know to get the look!

Function is everything

Maximising space is at the forefront of the Nest kitchen designed by Studio Doherty with first time renovators and young families in mind.

The layout and use of durable materials speaks to this brief, creating a dynamic kitchen with clever joinery solutions.

Rather than a traditional dining table, Studio Doherty designed a built-in dining booth that provides a casual seating area and the opportunity to engage with guests while cooking.

Studio Doherty owner and director Mardi Doherty says the booth blurs the boundary between the kitchen and dining area, creating the illusion of a larger space.

‘Often smaller homes or apartments don’t have space for people to sit up on stools at an island bench plus a dining table, so integrating a dining nook so close to the island bench was the next best thing!’ Mardi says.

‘We also added a wall mounted pantry to the left of the kitchen, which acts as an extension to the kitchen space, while looking like it could belong in the living room.’

Additional storage is provided on an overhead kitchen shelf, upper and lower kitchen cabinetry, and sleek joinery concealing the integrated fridge.

Use colour with confidence

A small kitchen doesn’t require sacrificing colour, but using this strategically as not to overpower a space.

‘It’s important to balance neutral tones with one bold confident gesture that provides drama and interest,’ explains Mardi.

The Nest kitchen employs this technique, showcasing a predominantly neutral material palette offset with light, playful, and warm colours on the surrounding joinery, cabinetry insides, and benchtops.

‘We played with many combinations and the Laminex Just Blue and Olivine sat comfortably together, creating a harmonious combination with just the right amount of contrast,’ Mardi says.

‘The Kalamata pantry creates a darker, richer backdrop to the living arena.’

Mix and match finishes

The Nest kitchen integrates a variety of low sheen, matte and tactile finishes to subtly differentiate zones and create a more interesting interior.

These various laminate surfaces are complemented by Artedomus Sugie Series tiles laid with sky blue grout to match the Laminex Just Blue benchtops — turning the splashback into its design feature.

Woodcut Pearl White flooring constructed with European oak serves as a calming base for eclectic furnishings and tableware, including sculptural ceramics, textural art, and colourful crockery.

Experiment with shape

Play with every inch of your available kitchen space through the introduction of various shapes.

The curved dining booth in the Nest kitchen is visually stunning while maximising floor space for improved function and flow. The benchtop is likewise curved to accommodate this sculptural form.

‘The fact that Laminex can bend so much made it so easy to create a sculptural island bench. It works so well because it’s so damn practical and fun!’ says Mari. ‘We imagine this space being used for dining, working, entertaining, and as an additional food prep area.’

A cylindrical structural pole and adjustable wall lamp serve as additional sculptural elements for a cohesive interior scheme.

Learn more about the Laminex x Studio Doherty collaboration, and order free samples of the finishes used in this kitchen here

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