This 1980s Stay In Torquay Is A Feast Of Colour + Pattern

Foam House is a playful new boutique accomodation offering in Torquay, Victoria, swathed in pattern, colour and references to the home’s 1980s roots.

Owners Briony Delves and Graham Paull (creative director and general manager of Society of Wanderers respectively) were inspired by their travels, and keen to inject intrigue and personality into the space, with the help of interior designer Amelda Wilde

Needless to say, they nailed the brief. Take a look through this groovy new stay below!

Bea Taylor

Foam House! Photo – Cricket Saleh

The kitchen features a maroon tiled benchtop and a pink tiled splashback. Photo – Cricket Saleh

Copper rangehood by Von Steel. Photo – Cricket Saleh

We also loved the contrasting raised raked ceiling height in the kitchen and dining area,’ says Briony. Photo – Cricket Saleh

Wicker, marble, warm timber and wallpaper combine in the dining area. Photo – Cricket Saleh

Shelving by Von Steel. Red vase by Lucy Tolan. Photo – Cricket Saleh

Earthy tones continue into the lounge. Photo – Cricket Saleh

The entire renovation took nine months! Photo – Cricket Saleh

Two-toned tiles in the shower. Photo – Cricket Saleh

Photo – Cricket Saleh

Bath tiling by Precision Pool Tiling. Photo – Cricket Saleh

Photo – Cricket Saleh

Linen by Society of Wanderers. Photo – Cricket Saleh

Linen by Society of Wanderers. Photo – Cricket Saleh

The front door features olive green and mottled glass! Photo – Cricket Saleh

The vision for Foam House was to create the immersive holiday retreat, but with its own vibe,’ says Briony. Photo – Cricket Saleh

‘I love how all the spaces connect,’ says Briony. Photo – Cricket Saleh

The courtyard connects to the kitchen, living and dining room. Photo – Cricket Saleh

Bea Taylor
7th of March 2023

When Briony Delves and Graham Paull, creative director and general manager of Society of Wanderers respectively, founded their luxury accommodation business, Sunday Sailor, they wanted to create places to stay that were rich in personality and allowed visitors to ‘completely disconnect from everyday life.’ 

‘We started our Airbnb business in 2019 when we moved out of our first family home. We had great success and loved giving people a fantastic holiday experience,’ says Briony. ‘We have such a love of interiors and different architectural styles, so creating special spaces is so exciting.’

Their latest project, Foam House (named after its street), in Torquay, Victoria, ticks all the boxes for an immersive holiday retreat. 

Briony and Graham were inspired by the original structure of the 1980s brick veneer house and set out to create a home steeped in late 70s/early 80s nostalgia. 

‘The original house was similar to 80s Fasham Johnson designs, which we love,’ explains Briony. ‘With the connections to the courtyards, we could instantly visualise lazy weekends, relaxing and entertaining.’ 

They worked with interior designer Amelda Wilde on the interiors, who took the brief and ran with it!

Foam House now harks back to its 80s roots with tiled benchtops, bold wallpaper, wicker furniture, floor-to-ceiling tiled bathrooms and coloured mottled glass – all tied together with a groovy and earthy colour palette of brown, pink, green, mustard and maroon. 

‘We also wanted to subtly maintain an Australian identity, which was picked up in the artwork and vintage furnishings sourced locally’ says Briony. 

Foam House is a place to unwind and immerse yourself in somewhere unlike your everyday. With three bedrooms (each with their own unique personality), private courtyards, a trampoline and a chic home office, it has something for everyone.

Book your stay at Foam House here.

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