Josh + Jenna Densten’s Retro RV Renovation

Josh and Jenna Densten are no novices when it comes to renovating homes – they have an impressive 10 projects under their belts.

In 2020 they purchased an RV and discovered it’s not much different than renovating a home! 

They sympathetically transformed the outdated Winnebago Sundancer into the ultimate family holiday home on wheels, take a look below.

Bea Taylor

Josh and Jenna Densten’s RV used to have a blue carpet interior with orange joinery! Photo – Georgie James.

The top bunk sleeps two easily! Photo – Georgie James.

Josh and Jenna replaced the flooring with natural vinyl planks from Bunnings. Photo – Georgie James.

The lemon Tree wallpaper is from Natty and Polly. The couple transformed the cabinetry with open mesh rattan from Camberwell Cane and wooden mushroom door knobs from Bunnings. Photo – Georgie James.

The lemon Tree wallpaper is from Natty and Polly. Photo – Georgie James.

Cushion from Clo Studios. Photo – Georgie James.

The interior of the RV harks back to its retro era! Photo – Georgie James.

Josh and Jenna re-upholstered the seating in beige gingham fabric. Photo – Georgie James.

The classic Winnebago was converted to Right Hand Drive before Josh and Jenna purchased it. Photo – Georgie James.

The couple also had the exterior re-painted and wrapped in vinyl, with their re-designed ‘Sundancer’ logo. Photo – Georgie James.

They retained its classic colour scheme. Photo – Georgie James.

The family have enjoyed many family holidays since completing the reno. Photo – Georgie James.

The Densten’s Sundancer on location! Photo – Georgie James.

Bea Taylor
5th of July 2022

Josh Denston’s love of camping was reignited after spending too many lockdowns at home. ‘The pandemic really made me want to give our girls all the camping experiences I had when I was younger,’ he explains. ‘I was looking at RV YouTube videos with [my daughter] Fred every night before bed, and she was so intrigued as to how these people lived in a car!’

After searching for vans online, Josh and Jenna scored their dream RV on Facebook Marketplace in 2020; a classic Winnebago Sundancer. 

It had everything they were looking for; low kms, little to no rust, cruise control, air conditioning, gas cooktop and oven, plumbing and solar power – it had even been converted to a Right Hand Drive. But, it was the retro vibes and clever layout that truly captured their hearts. 

‘The first time we turned the key and heard that V8 rumble was a real moment!… It was such a time capsule,’ says Josh, referring to the head-to-toe blue carpet interior, orange joinery and white melamine benchtops.

In a bid to give it a much-needed new look, but still pay tribute to the van’s past, he and Jenna refinished all of the interior with new oak countertops, vinyl plank flooring, and new upholstery, curtains, blinds and paint. They conceived a palette of soft greens, whites, stripes, tartans, warm tones, and retro lemon wallpaper to hark back to its original era.

‘It really makes it feel like a house on wheels!’ says Josh. 

The finishing touch was to re-spray the cabin and completely vinyl wrap the caravan’s exterior. The couple also enlisted friend and ‘logo design extraordinaire’ Joel Pringle to redesign the ‘Sundancer’ branding to match the RVs new look. The original design is now replaced by a yacht skimming through the ocean with a solar flare behind it. 

After being in storage throughout Melbourne’s lockdown, the Densten’s Sundancer has enjoyed many family trips away. ‘The set up is great,’ says Josh. ‘We pull up to the campsite, open up the awning and we’re ready in less than five minutes.’ 

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