Three Artists Celebrate The Natural World In A Tactile New Exhibition

An intriguing new exhibition brings together three artists from three distinctly different mediums in an expressive ‘dance of three’.

Intrigued by the power of ‘art as a universal language,’ Saint Cloche founder and curator Kitty Clark asked painter Minna Leunig, ceramicist Monique Robinson and sculptor Lana Launay to explore patterns and symbols in the world around us.

What evolved is an eclectic and tactile showcase inspired by nature dubbed Up-Side-Down, which opens at Saint Cloche’s Paddington gallery today!

Christina Karras

Introducing Up-Side-Down, showing at Saint Cloche until July 31! Photo – Jacqui Turk

 Exhibiting artists Minna Leunig, ceramicist Monique Robinson and sculptor Lana Launay. Photo – Jacqui Turk

The exhibition brings together contemporary works across painting, sculpture and ceramics. Photo – Jacqui Turk

A sneak peek into the exhibition! Photo – Jacqui Turk

Minna’s bright and abstract paintings complement the earthy ceramics of Monique. Photo – Jacqui Turk

One of self-taught sculptor and artisan Lana Launay’s beautiful creations. Photo – Jacqui Turk

Rather than creating images that very clearly represent identifiable native Australian plants and animals, Minna felt compelled to explore abstract depicts. Photo – Jacqui Turk

Christina Karras
20th of July 2022

Saint Cloche’s latest exhibition, Up-Side-Down, is inspired by ambigrams: art forms involving words that are readable from more than one perspective.

‘They work like visual illusions, revealing unexpected new messages with each amalgamation,’ says Saint Cloche founder and curator Kitty Clark. ‘With every exhibition, I strive to give art a unique voice and visual language.’

Kitty decided to use this open-ended concept as the foundation for a new group show. She approached artists Minna Leunig, Monique Robinson and Lana Launay, knowing each would bring something dynamic in their own medium that could ‘mirror the relationships within and around us.’ 

Despite the artists’ differing mediums of painting, ceramics and sculpture, they share a similar energy. While Minna’s abstract paintings depict playful and bold silhouettes of plants and animals, Monique’s tactile sculptures also tackles concepts of the natural world through her practice, LOCKERROOM.

‘Light and shadow comes across very strongly in both Minna and Monique’s works. Their unique mark-makings highlighted in the right light almost intensified the energy of their works,’ Kitty explains.

These themes prompted Kitty to reach out to sculptor and artisan Lana Launay, who works with sustainable and natural materials in her intricately handwoven objects of light. Up-Side-Down features Lana’s first sculptural works, where she experiments with shape, light, and scale within the formal context of interior life and its limitations.

Together, Minna, Monique and Lana’s work forms a poetic dance inspired by the times, the cyclical rhythms of life and nature, and an enduring serenity with an abundance of light and warmth.

See Up-Side-Down for yourself at Saint Cloche from July 20-31.

Saint Cloche
37 MacDonald St, Paddington
NSW, Gadigal Land

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