Stacey Rees' Latest Exhibition Explores Flamboyant Colours + Feminine Forms

Artist Stacey Rees grew up on a family farm in the Wimmera region of regional Victoria – where her creativity and imagination became ‘second nature to a kid growing up in such a remote place’.

Fast-forward to today, and her love for the arts has grown into a successful painting practice.

Her latest exhibition with Saint Cloche, Tropic of Capricorn, builds on her evolving, abstract style with surrealist faces that celebrate ‘life and colour’. In other words, ‘all the good things’!

Christina Karras

A peek into Stacey Rees’ latest exhibition, Tropic of Capricorn! Photo – Jacqui Turk

It’s on at Saint Cloche in Sydney until July 17. Photo – Jacqui Turk

Stacey in the studio with her dreamy new collection. Photo – Courtesy of Stacey Rees

The exhibition is made up of small and large works, which are all available for purchase! Photo – Jacqui Turk

From left: The Offering, Focus (below), Enriched by Stacey Rees. Photo – Jacqui Turk

Siesta (diptych) by Stacey Rees. Photo – Jacqui Turk

From left: Lounge, Mirror and Gala by Stacey Rees. Photo – Jacqui Turk

Carnival by Stacey Rees. This is the artist’s favourite piece from the collection!

Mint by Stacey Rees.

Ancient Pottery by Stacey Rees.

Delirium by Stacey Rees.

Christina Karras
8th of July 2022

Since graduating from her design degree at RMIT, Stacey Rees has been working diligently from her studio near her home in Gariwerd (The Grampians) and growing her artistic resume.

‘A few years back I took a risk and exhibited some pieces in The Other Art Fair in Melbourne which ended up being the best decision I could have made,’ Stacey says.

From there, Modern Times approached her to host two consecutive solo shows, before contemporary gallery Saint Cloche invited her to exhibit with them in Sydney.

‘Now I’m very proud to say that I am also represented by the gallery and I now have this opportunity for another solo with them!’

She’s been working on this latest exhibition, Tropic of Capricornfor most of this year from her Gariwerd studio; an off-grid refuge away from the world where she can take in expansive views of the amazing ranges.

‘It’s this old school portable building that I’ve slowly been renovating over the past year or so,’ Stacey says. ‘It’s almost fully renovated, complete with a wood fire and deck where I can sit out and have a cuppa throughout the day.’

Stacey’s work so far has focused mainly on portraiture, which is also the subject matter she finds the most challenging. ‘I think my style has changed over the years. I’m constantly looking for new ways to develop my style and technique,’ she adds.

Recently, her abstract and intriguing portraits have featured a ‘feminine direction’, featuring smooth curves and sultry shapes. Her new exhibition explores these figures with bright pops of colour – inspired by the geographical Tropic Of Capricorn, and the equally colourful and diverse countries it encompasses. The body of work draws on the flamboyant nature of Carnival festivals in South America or the amazing flora and fauna of Madagascar, as well as Australia’s own natural world.

But this showcase might be one of the last times we see Stacey explore portraiture, at least for a little while. ‘I’m keen to get into more still life pieces and even landscapes to mix things up a little,’ she reveals.

‘Lately I’m looking into the scenery I’m surrounded in, and want to really incorporate that into a new series. It’s something I feel a little obliged to do!’

See Tropic of Capricorn on now until July 17 at Saint Cloche in Sydney. View the catalogue here!

Saint Cloche
37 MacDonald St
Paddington NSW

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