5 Local Female Artists We're Loving!

It’s never that hard to search for and find incredible local artists. In fact, this list could easily be 10 times as long! 

If you’re looking to expand your art collection, but have a cap on how much to spend, you will find some incredible pieces by these five local female artists for under $3000. 

Bea Taylor

Bila by Hannah Lange.

Left: Nadyung by Hannah Lange. Right: Hannah stands with her piece Marradir. Photo – Jessica Hawthorne.

Marradir Yarra by Hannah Lange.

Bea Taylor
31st of May 2022

Hannah Lange

Wiradjuri woman Hannah Lange has been painting and creating for as long as she can remember, but she only launched her professional career a few years ago. 

Her work, which focuses on a connection to nature and Country, is rich and intricate in detail. Hannah is drawn to the unique forms of nature found in her hometown of the Blue Mountains on Darug and Gundungurra country, from the ripples in the sand to the layers in the rocks. 

‘I want to portray the importance of our people’s connection to the land and country. The link to nature that runs deep within our DNA,’ she explains. ‘The significance of continued cultural knowledge and the joy of slowing down and noticing the small stuff!’

Price point
Prices start from $550 

Where to find it
See and buy Hannah’s work on her website, or at Kate Owen Gallery, Gallery Raye and Coe Gallery.

Left: From Where I see. Right: Lightly Perched. By Helle Cook.

Left: Luminous Being. Middle: Seas of Light. Right: Artist Helle Cook.

Helle Cook 

Helle Cook’s ephemeral paintings linger somewhere between abstraction and landscape. 

‘Through luminous layers of paint, I convey my fascination with light and nature, and their means to awaken our environmental awareness and sense of well-being,’ she says. 

Helle’s diaphanous style has been translated onto canvas and fabric — the textile counterpart often inspiring the shapes and forms in her paintings. 

Price point
Prices start from $1000 

Where to find it
Select works are available via Gallery Raye or through Helle’s website.

Left: Tulips by Courtney Young. Right: Artist Courtney Young.

Left: Grevillea Landscape. Right: Outside In. By Courtney Young.

Courtney Young

Courtney Young is a farmer by day, artist by night. From her flour-mill-turned-studio in Rutherglen, Victoria, she paints earthy and expressive works that consider one’s relationship with the landscape. 

‘I hope that my work encourages viewers to think about our interdependence with, or embeddedness in the landscape,’ she explains. ‘I’m interested in both the beauty and the tension of this relationship.’ 

Courtney’s paintings often border on abstraction and feature a grounded, warming palette of hues. 

Price point
Prices start from $800

Where to find it
You can find a selection of Courtney’s work at Gallery Raye and Michael Reid Northern Beaches. She also has an upcoming solo show in July with AK Bellinger Gallery.

Storm at Bore Beach by Rebeccah Power.

Eye In The Sky by Helle Cook.

Fog, Towards Cape Woolamai by Rebeccah Power.

Rebeccah Power

There’s an incredible depth to Rebeccah Power’s ethereal paintings. Layers of colours and brushstrokes, solid-hues, and haze-like blends capture a feeling of suspension between formlessness and form. 

This atmospheric style is inspired by her interest in quantum physics, in particular, one of the premises of quantum theory, which states that the act of watching, or observing can itself affect the observed reality. 

I find it amazing that before something is observed and becomes “something”, that thing could be “anything”,’ says Rebeccah. ‘There are infinite possibilities in that moment.’

Price point
Prices start from $630

Where to find it
Through Gallery Raye or on Rebeccah’s website.

Left: Dusk . Right: Flowers in Sunlight. By Pia Murphy.

Left: Desert Bouquet. Right: The Quiet Search, 2022 by Pia Murphy.

Pia Murphy

Pia Murphy describes her practice as an ‘intuitive process’. Her abstract work is both bold in style and feeling. 

‘I want my paintings to have a soul,’ she says. ‘They should excite and surprise me. I hope they can create a sense of wonder for the viewer.’ 

Pia explores the materiality of paint through generous texture and colour, allowing her pieces to come alive as she works. 

Price point
Prices start from $650 

Where to find it
Pia’s work is available through Sunday Salon and Michael Reid Northern Beaches

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