11 Places To Buy Excellent Art Prints

TDF readers are always keen to hear about the affordable artists on our radar, but here’s the thing: as much as we’d love to, we don’t all have the budget to frequently purchase original artworks.

If you want to pull together an art wall without spending thousands of dollars, a great way to supplement (or start!) your art collection is with high quality prints. From photography, to digital illustrations, to print editions of original artwork, these eleven artists, designers and collectives are a great place to start.

The prices here vary a little, but the vast majority are under $400 – and there are good amount under $100, too!

Sasha Gattermayr

Photographic print available from Pampa.

Photographic print available from Pampa.

Photographic print available from Pampa.

Photographic print available from Pampa.


Pampa Prints is a collection of original photography by Pampa co-founders, Carl Wilson and Victoria Aguirre. The documentary style photography encapsulates landscapes, flowers, animals and culture from around the world.

Price Range: $285 – $1,190

See prints here.

Lookout‘ by Ashley Simonetto.

Daisies & Lemons‘ by Ashley Simonetto.

Autumn Kitchen’ by Ashley Simonetto.

Sicily Food Tour‘ by Ashley Simonetto.

‘Afternoon Lunch’ by Ashley Simonetto.

Aperitivo‘ by Ashley Simonetto.

Ashley Simonetto

Drawing on her Italian heritage and travels, Melbourne based illustrator Ashley Simonetto’s illustrated prints ooze with Mediterranean culture. A little window into Italy, in our living rooms! Available in A2 and A3 sizes.

Price Range: $65 – $85

See prints here.

Artwork by Olana Janfa.

Artwork by Olana Janfa.

Artwork by Olana Janfa.

Artwork by Olana Janfa.

Artwork by Olana Janfa.

Artwork by Olana Janfa.

Olana Janfa

Olana Janfa‘s prints are based off his original artworks. They are vibrant, colourful and often humorous – drawing inspiration from music, sport and popular culture as well as from Melbourne-based Olana’s Ethiopian heritage. Prints of his paintings come in three standard sizes, but can be made to larger custom sizes.

Price Range: Start at $160 for unframed and $420 for framed.

See prints here.

Print by Alice Oehr.

Print by Alice Oehr.

Print by Alice Oehr.

Alice Oehr

It wouldn’t be a print round-up without the illustrator queen – Alice Oehr! Her colourful, often delectable designs depict anything from cakes to market fruits, which are printed using silkscreen and risograph techniques. The larger-than-life works are playful, sometimes surprising, and always just so damn cute!

Alice’s illustrations come in posters, one-off silkscreen prints and small-run risograph prints (30-50 editions).

Price Range: $60 – $380 unframed

See prints here.

Mafalda Vasconcelos

Artist Mafalda Vasconcelos creates colourful,  limited edition art prints of her bold and vibrant artworks, which are filled with the powerful renderings of Mozambican women, culture and Mafalda’s own ancestry. Each print is available in three sizes from A3 – A1.

Price range: $130 – $285

See works here.

Left: Print by Emma Currie. Right: Print by Kathryn Dolby.

From left to right: Prints by Bernadette Hermen, Jade Piper and Julia Chetwood.

Cream Town

Cream Town was founded by artist Isaebella Doherty at the beginning of the pandemic as an online art store to provide income for out-of-work artists. In collaboration with fine art printers, Hound & Bone Studio, and sustainable archival framers, Icon Frames, the collective grew from 30 artists to 250 over 18 months, selling over $100,000 of prints, photographs and original works in its first year.

Price Range: $100 – $400 unframed

See prints here.

Print by Rachel Stevens from her Palette by Jono Fleming collection.

Selection of works by Rachel Stevens for Palette by Jono Fleming.

Selection of works by Tym Yee for Palette by Jono Fleming.

Print by Rachel Stevens for Palette by Jono Fleming.

Palette by Jono Fleming

Stylist, interior designer and all round creative whiz Jono Fleming launched Palette as a pandemic project last year. He worked with artist Rachel Stevens to create a debut collection of vintage-inspired painted artworks, which are printed digitally onto a framed canvas. The works in the second collection, Shore, are by Tym Yee.

This clever offering has all the charm of original artwork on canvas, at a fraction of the cost. You can purchase works individually, or in packs of three grouped artworks.

Price Range: $115 – $260

See prints here.

‘Cockatoos at Sunset’ by Molly Wattle Boney.

‘Dancing in the Rain’ by Molly Wattle Boney.

Molly Wattle

Six-year-old Molly Wattle took out her age group category in the inaugural TDF Kids Art Awards this year, and it’s not hard to see why! Her colourful winning artwork was a playful vision of a golden wattle tree splayed against a bright blue sky and surrounded by cockatoos.

Molly’s artworks proved so popular, her creative mum Tessa turned them into prints – which are available now!

Price Range: $60-$80

Purchase Molly’s work via DM on her Instagram account.

Print by Rachel Castle.

Print by Rachel Castle.

Print by Rachel Castle.


This line of limited edition artwork prints are screen printed by Rachel Castle’s very own hand in the designer’s Sydney studio. From letters and slogans to figurative designs and Rachel’s signature floral motifs, each cheerful  print is numbered and signed.

Price Range: $85 – $1,250

See prints here.

Print by Rikki Day.

Prints by Rikki Day.

Rikki Day

Artist Rikki Day creates expressive, fluid line drawings shaded with tonal palettes. Each calming composition contains outlines of figures and objects: an oyster here, the outline of a face there… The limited edition prints come in four sizes with the option of being framed or unframed.

Price Range: $295 – $2,495

See prints here.

Print by Jill Daniels (Ngukurr Arts Centre).

Print by Carla Fletcher.


The Koskela Gallery is home to a variety of Australian artists, both emerging and established, with an emphasis on First Nations art. As well as framed and unframed prints, they carry a collection of etchings.

Price range: $286 – $1700

See prints here.

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