Interior Designer Lauren Li On Creating The Backdrop To Life, On TDF Talks

There’s no two ways about it, Lauren Li is one of the nicest people in the Australian design biz! Besides her fabulously successful firm, Sisalla Interior Design, Lauren also authors a monthly column for TDF on the latest interior design trends. They are some of our most popular stories ever!

On this episode of TDF Talks, Lucy and Lauren dive into the local design scene to chat all about Lauren’s creative career in the field, her predictions for future trends, and the lowdown on her next project: an online community and learning hub for designers, The Design Society.

Sasha Gattermayr
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Lauren’s own studio is styled like one of her projects so you can see a glimpse of her talent IRL! Photo – Caitlin Mills.

Hard at work – Lauren is never without a moodboard filled with inspiration! Photo – Caitlin Mills.

Lauren’s heavenly home in South Yarra! Interior by Sisalla Interior Design, Photo – Eve Wilson.

Sasha Gattermayr
3rd of September 2021

Lauren Li is a guru in approachable, accessible interior design. Her spaces are timeless, beautiful interiors that make you feel properly at home. She’s not here just for messing about with fancier-than-anything furniture!

‘Do what you love!’ she says of her design sentiment. ‘Enjoy your space, don’t worry about what other people think, just do what you love.’

In this episode of TDF Talks, Lauren breaks down this refreshing approach to personalised, subjective spaces; how she got started in the business; and her favourite designers of the moment.

If you love her monthly interiors column, you’ll love this chat!

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