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A Perfectly Preserved Mid-Century Marvel On The Banks Of The Yarra Is On The Market

This property on the banks of the Yarra River is a once-in-a-city house. There aren’t too many places that look like this in inner Melbourne!

Built in 1962 and basically unchanged since, architect Harry J. Little designed the single-storey, freestanding residence to have as much connection to the lush outdoors as possible. Stilts, windows and a butterfly wing-shaped layout ensures panoramic views of the river and surrounding bluegums. Not to mention that enormous deck!

This house hasn’t been sold since 1968… Will you be the first new owner in over half a century?

Sasha Gattermayr

The living room is wrapped by floor-to-ceiling windows, with entry out onto the wide balcony. Photo – Courtesy of Abercromby’s.

Left: The sunny, secluded study in the southern wing. Right: The open-plan layout of the northern wing sees the lounge and dining rooms joined. Photo – Courtesy of Abercromby’s.

The kitchen is set back behind the living room with an outlook over the rear of the property, with retro detailing like timber panelling on the walls! Photo – Courtesy of Abercromby’s.

The wide balcony is a viewing deck for the surrounding river and towering blue gums. Photo – Courtesy of Abercromby’s.

The whole block is 1,400 square metres. Photo – Courtesy of Abercromby’s.

A view of the whole house from the opposite bank, completely concealed and secluded from the outside! Photo – Courtesy of Abercromby’s.

Sasha Gattermayr
28th of September 2021

There aren’t many riverside properties in inner-city Melbourne, let alone ones that are also shrouded in bushland. This house in Kew is both: nestled on the banks of Yarra, and surrounded by towering, stately blue gums.

Designed by architect Harry J Little in 1962 and remaining in the same ownership from 1968, the house is an example of quintessential Australian architecture from the mid twentieth century. And it’s been perfectly preserved!

The house comprises two wings connected by an entry foyer. The southern wing contains the private sleeping quarters, holding four bedrooms and a study. The northern wing contains the communal living areas: family, living and dining rooms all separated by operable doors.

The kitchen is set back into the property facing the rear of the property rather than the river. It makes up for the lack of water views with its excellent retro detailing, including wood panelled walls!

Timber, red brick and glass comprise the classic lean palette typical of the era. This muted, understated material expression allows the breathtaking natural outlook to take centre stage. Greenery is embraced at every opportunity, with floor-to-ceiling glazing wrapping the river-facing zones.

Underneath the main body of the house is a ground level patio, complete with wall-to-wall crazy paving and pond!

This truly marvellous piece of architecture means that the house feels totally secluded whichever room you’re in. We say this a lot, but we’re seriously jealous of whoever snaps this up!

2 Scotsburn Street, Hawthorn will be sold via private auction on Tuesday 19th October by Sam Goddard at Abercromby’s. Organise an inspection or register for auction by emailing Sam here, or calling 0448 870 454.

Due to ongoing restrictions the format of the auction is subject to change and could be held online or in-person.

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