A Childrenswear Label That Takes Us Back To The Golden Years - WIN With Goldie + Ace!

Remember the days when you’d leave your aunty and uncle’s house with a bag full of your older cousin’s hand-me-downs? Quality kids’ clothes that survive the wear and tear of being passed down from family member to family member are few and far between these days.

With 15 years of experience working in the textiles industry, this is something that Alana Tiller wanted to change when it came to starting her own kids’ clothing label, Goldie + Ace.

Taking inspiration from the nostalgia of yesteryear, Goldie + Ace prides itself on its old-school approach to timeless, quality designs – think ruffles, gingham, stripes, tiny florals and checks on vintage-inspired pieces like overalls, rugby jumpers and jumpsuits. They’re the kind of clothes your kid can ride their bike, build a sandcastle or climb a tree in!

As a special treat for TDF readers – Goldie + Ace are giving away TWO $1,000 vouchers to spend on their spring/summer range, The Golden Years. Woo hoo!

Sasha Gattermayr
Supported by Goldie + Ace

Goldie + Ace are a Melbourne-based brand making classic kidswear! Photo – Anitra Wells.

This means the collections are timeless, containing vintage-inspired overalls, checked dresses and matching rugby sets. Photo – Anitra Wells.

Each piece is designed to be kept and passed down. Photo – Anitra Wells.

To ensure pieces last in the long run, Goldie + Ace have launched a free mending service. Photo – Anitra Wells.

The Golden Years collection is inspired by 80s and 90s nostalgia, the years founder Alana Tiller spent growing up! Photo – Anitra Wells.

Alana Tiller spent a decade and a half working in the global textiles trade before founding Goldie + Ace in 2015. Photo – Anitra Wells.

In order to ensure an old-fashioned hand-me-down culture for her pieces, Alana turned to old-fashioned references for her aesthetic inspiration. Photo – Anitra Wells.

To celebrate the launch of this new collection, we’ve teamed up for a giveaway of 2 x $1000 vouchers for two lucky TDF readers to spend online on The Golden Years range. Photo – Anitra Wells.

Details to enter are below! Photo – Anitra Wells.

After working in the global textile trade for a decade and a half, Alana Tiller decided to take the plunge and launch her own label. Witnessing the fashion and textiles industry become increasingly ‘fast’ over the years, she wanted to make something that prized quality over quantity.

Enter Goldie + Ace, a babies and kids clothing label launched in 2017 that harkens back to the good ol’ days when clothes were designed to last a lifetime – and then some! ‘My focus was to bring quality clothing for babies and children that spoke to our current message about the environment and community’, explains Alana. ‘Pieces that had an old-school approach in that they could be passed on with a promise not to shrink, pill, fade or fall apart.’

When designing Alana looks to classic pieces from the ‘80s and ‘90s for inspiration, and even considers the kind of clothes she and her team loved wearing as kids as a starting point – ’you might just catch a version of something familiar you wore when growing up’, she says!

The latest collection, The Golden Years, is a memento of the classics and early childhood moments shared amongst family from generation to generation. ‘First steps, training wheels, board games and at-home recitals’, says Alana of the memories she imagines as the backdrop of these pieces. It’s about slowing down and spending quality time together, making the most of the ‘golden years’ with little ones.

With a focus on longevity to create future hand-me-downs, Goldie + Ace also recently launched a free mending service for all their garments. The team of makers will repair zips, buttons and even tears or rips to make sure pieces have more than just one lifetime.

‘We promote a considered approach to purchasing kids’ clothes,’ says Alana. ‘Ultimately, we hope to help parents look differently at their children’s clothing, investing in quality over quantity because sustainability, at its core, is using what you already have.’

To help Goldie + Ace launch this new collection, we’ve teamed up for a giveaway of 2 x $1000 vouchers for two lucky TDF readers, to spend online on The Golden Years range. Enter below!

Please note this competition is now closed. The winner was drawn and announced on Tuesday, 12th October 2021. See here for details.

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