Get The Look: Dark + Moody Bathrooms And Kitchens

Between the rich palette of YSG’s ‘Budge Over Dover’ project (which took out almost every Australian interior design award last year!) and the signature deep colour combinations of Flack Studio (including Troye Sivan’s sumptuous bathrooms), it’s been a big year for dark and moody home interiors.

As these houses show us, the best spaces to experiment with this bold yet timeless aesthetic is in kitchens and bathrooms. 

A sleek black basin and tapware from Oliveri provides the perfect base to get the look, complemented by your choice of tiles, fixtures and accessories. 

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite products and accessories to bring these dark and moody vibes into your home!

Lucy Feagins
Supported by Oliveri

Oliveri Florence Kitchen Sink and Vilo Pull Out Mixer, in a contemporary dark and moody interior. Photo – courtesy of Oliveri.

The incredible black kitchen at Slow Beam by Hearth Studio. Photo – Lauren Bamford.

Lucy Feagins
20th of July 2021

In recent years, we’ve seen real move away from all-white home interiors, towards darker material palettes.

These rich and moody schemes are particularly conducive to working spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, where they add a sense of warmth and interest, while also hiding mess and clutter – a major bonus!

Bathrooms and kitchens offer multiple surfaces where this trend can be showcased, whether it be a statement kitchen sink, or a comprehensive scheme including luxe tiles, dark hardware, and sleek, stylish accessories.

Apply the following tips for each of these key areas, then shop the look above!

Tiles & surfaces

Any interior scheme relies fundamentally on the materials and paint colours selected. If black feels a little too intense, you can still add plenty of atmosphere to a space using lighter shades such as charcoal or mid-greys, burgundy, browns, dark blues, and deep greens.

Think about whether you want your surfaces (such as splashbacks, benchtops, cabinetry and flooring) to stand out, or sit as part of a cohesive scheme. If it’s the former, choose one ‘hero’ surface in a deep colour, then design the remainder of your space with contrasting, lighter shades to accentuate it. For example, all black cabinetry might be styled with metallic hardware, or a lighter coloured splashback, for contrast. Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave, all black everything makes a pretty impressive statement – consider the incredible kitchen at Slow Beam, Tasmania designed by Hearth Studio – case in point!

The mix of textures and finishes is also important. Aim for at least one surface in your bathrooms and kitchen that features texture, such as richly veined marble, weathered timber, terrazzo, or concrete.

Basins & tapware

The easiest way to integrate a dark and moody look in your kitchen or bathroom is with a black basin or sink. This could be a statement above-sink model, or a sleek, integrated style.

Oliveri offers multiple black sink, basin and tapware styles. Their vast range and superior design is synonymous with style, quality, and longevity! Our favourite bathroom styles are their stainless steel Milan basin for a contemporary look, or the more classic feel of the porcelain Naples basin.

In the kitchen, Oliveri’s moulded granite Florence and Santorini sinks styles are failsafe options, being scratch, impact, and heat resistant. A matte finish provides a timeless look that’s both sophisticated and durable. Complete the look with the convenient yet highly stylish Vilo Pull Out Mixer, available in a range of dark finishes.


Accessories alone can make a huge impact towards creating a moody kitchen or bathroom interior, and there’s no end of products available!

In the kitchen, we’re seeing a move away from white or stainless steel appliances and kitchen accessories, with many black and deeper coloured options now available. We particularly love the Pleated Plisse Electric Kettle By Alessi, Krof Matte Black Cutlery, and Marimekko Unikko Kitchen Towel Set (proving dark products can also be uplifting!)

Bathrooms offer just as many options – from door hardware to storage canisters, towels, mirrors, soap dishes, hooks and artwork.

Finally, a dark interior doesn’t mean one devoid of nature – in fact, leafy foliage works beautifully alongside a dark colour palette, so don’t be afraid to soften the space with indoor plants.

Founded in 1947, Oliveri is a proud Australian manufacturer, and importer of quality products. View their quality kitchen, bathroom and laundry project ranges, stocked at stores nationwide at

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