Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These 18 Beds + Bedheads!

Buying a bed is the official sign that you are now an actual grown-up. So when it’s time to replace the bed that you’ve had for 10+ years, what do you choose?

Since the bedroom isn’t a space that is seen by the outside world, you can really let your hair down. It’s a room that should take on a different feel to the rest of the house – especially if your main living areas have a tendency to be overtaken with work, and the stuff of everyday life.

But where to start? Do you want to create a tranquil, minimal space? A soft and warm, cocooning feeling? A luxurious, decadent vibe? Lauren Li is here to share 18 stunning options – with lots of excellent advice along the way!

Lauren Li
Lauren Li
9th of February 2021

When it comes to choosing a bed, there really are no rules. It’s about what feels right for you. But if you want your bedroom to feel intentional, it’s best to have a plan.

Take some time to do a bit of research on bedrooms that you like. What is the common thread that your favourite rooms have? Once you set this direction, you’ll find making other decisions will be easier and the rest will flow. Then we can start thinking about how to create that feeling, using colour and furniture pieces.

Buying a bed isn’t something you do every day, and it’s one of the largest pieces of furniture in your home. Don’t just go for ‘safe’ – this room isn’t on display, so my advice is, throw caution to the wind, and go with what you love (budget allowing!) – to create a bedroom that really brings you joy.

1.House of Orange – Zari

The Zari Bedhead looks like a custom bed that has been made just for you. It has built-in bedside shelves and the ledge is perfect for arranging books, artwork and objects so you can change up the look easily.

RRP: From $795

2. Love Tree Interiors – Disco

Did you get the memo? Disco isn’t dead after all! Bring a little Studio 54 disco vibes to your bedroom with this throwback to 70s design with the Disco headboard by Love Tree Interiors. There’s also a matching base if you feel so inclined. Glam!

RRP: From $1699 (bedheads)

3. Domo – Celia

This design marries bohemian and classic Scandinavian vibes perfectly.

RRP: From $775

4. Heatherly Design – Lucia

A luxe, plush bedhead adds an element of elegant luxury to any room. Also comes with a matching bed if so desired.

RRP: From $1760 

5.Sarah Ellison – Yoko

This stunning bed features an original design element with its spherical wooden feet. Yet another knockout design by Sarah Ellison! This one is best suited to a hard floor surface such as timber or tiles, as the spherical feet aren’t enhanced on a thick pile carpet.

RRP: From $3,950

6. Heimur – Lenny

Practical, classic and stylish all in one bed that is handcrafted for you by the Heimur team. The rattan half moon bedhead and unique leg shape really gives this one personality!

RRP: From $3,520

7. Brothers Fearon Fabrication – Float

Imagine all of the gorgeous colours that you can sleep on with this customisable Float bed frame? Not only are the curved corners are going to appeal to anyone that has knocked their shin on the corner of a bed, but the design is also so chic. They are able able to customize the bed height to suit your needs. Available via Curated Spaces.

RRP: From $1,400

8.B&B Italia – Tufty-BED

The Tufty-Bed is a modern classic that was designed by Patricia Urquiola in 2007 – way before designs from the seventies were trending. It’s fair to say that this is a classic of our time. Oh, and there is currently a queen bed promo on (in a select fabric option) at Space – the offer runs out in April!

RRP: From $8,995 (with Space offer!) 

9. Zuster – Cloud

The Cloud by Zuster is all about understated luxury. The leather scalloped upholstered bedhead with a solid timber frame extends beyond the width of the bed. It gives an expansive feel to a room. And again, there’s the option to go for just the bedhead, or the full shebang with the matching bed.

RRP: From $6,850 (bedhead only)

10. Great Dane – Klassik Papercord

For me, the ultimate luxury is a piece that is handmade by skilled artisans. This Danish papercord bed is PURE luxury, and looks refined rather than over-the-top.

RRP: From $9,750

11.Jardan – Finley

A perfectly simple bed design from Jardan with a focus on materiality; the leather and timber combination is so classic.

RRP: From $4,749 (in fabric pictured)

12. Huski studios – The Golden

This low-lying bed has a natural, handcrafted, minimal vibe without being boring. The half-moon bedhead adds a point of interest.

RRP: From $2,400

13. Beeline – Ridge

This is a uniquely ‘Australian’-feeling design with the bedhead in a leather-covered corrugated metal panel. Such a smooth look.

RRP: From $2,397

14. Koala – Timber

The price is ABSOLUTELY right when it comes to this sleek, simple, easy-to-assemble bed base from Koala! A total no-brainer.

RRP: From $720

15.Blu Dot – Lid

The Lid Bed from Blu Dot add a real softness to the room, plus the bed tilts up to reveal handy storage space underneath!

RRP: From $3,499

16. Mubu – Millie

I LOVE the minimal frame of the Millie bed by Mubu, combined with its pillowy headboard. Ultimate cosy feels!

RRP: From $3,290

17. MCM House – Louis

The Louis bed from MCM House feels plush and grand, and I love that it comes in a range of colours.

RRP: From $2,500

18. Lewis – Jardan

Doesn’t this bed just make you want to prop yourself with a cuppa and a great book? Weekend vibes every day!

RRP: From $5,456 (in fabric pictured)

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