TDF Talks with Plant Designer, Jenna Holmes of Plant Mama

Jenna Holmes wears many hats. Despite having been both a photographer, a PE teacher and an Uber driver in previous lives, right now, her career revolves around plants… and pasta! As the co-founder of plant styling business Plant Mama, and Pasta Mama pasta club, Jenna is a prolific, and impossibly versatile creative.

Both Jenna’s businesses live on one colourful website, which she built herself, using Squarespace. In this podcast conversation, Jenna talks candidly about her experience of building not one but two successful businesses online – her energy is infectious!

Lucy Feagins
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Photo – Eve Wilson for the Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Photo – Eve Wilson for the Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Photo – Eve Wilson for the Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Lucy Feagins
15th of January 2021

Jenna Holmes is impossible to put in a box. The former P.E teacher is the founder of Plant Mama, a business that she describes as ‘curated plant chaos’! Actually, her job involves creating and maintaining lush indoor jungles for her clients, ranging from residential homes, to commercial projects for the likes of Lululemon and Google.

Jenna initially launched her plant-styling business in 2017 with a portfolio website, built using Squarespace.  Since then, she’s expanded her business to include merchandise, an online store… and wait for it – private dinner events! ‘Pasta Mama’ is the sister business to Plant Mama, where Jenna collaborates with chefs to host ticketed dinner parties in her leafy studio space.

Pre-covid, Jenna’s Pasta Mama parties were a runaway success, selling out months in advance. But of course, 2020 had other plan for Jenna. As for so many of us, the past year threw up a heap of challenges for both of Jenna’s businesses, but nothing stifles this Plant Mama’s spirit!

In this podcast conversation, Jenna shares the story behind launching both her brands, the passion that drives her, and how she has built and grown two very different businesses from the ground up, without missing a beat!

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