How To Transform A Room With Rich Colour + Dulux Paint Giveaway!

Ok it’s getting REAL wintery in the Southern states right about now, and it’s never felt more important to have a cosy space to retreat to. After all, we’ve all been spending a lot more time at home lately, and our immediate surroundings can have such a huge impact on our mood and wellbeing.

Today we’re sharing a seriously impressive before-and-after colour transformation using the Dulux ‘Indulge’ palette in a heritage home by Melbourne stylist Bree Leech – and the chance to win 50L of Dulux paint in your chosen colour, for you own home project!

Lucy Feagins
Supported by Dulux

Styling – Bree Leech. Photo – Lisa Cohen.

Dulux ‘Russet Tan‘ on the walls, layered with opulent textiles and upholstery. Styling – Bree Leech. Photo – Lisa Cohen.

Dulux ‘Russet Tan‘ on the walls, Dulux ‘Natural White’ on the fireplace surround, and artwork ‘Still Life with Dianthus and Bee’ by Dena Khan. Styling – Bree Leech. Photo – Lisa Cohen.

Dulux ‘Russet Tan‘ on the walls, Dulux ‘Natural White’ on the fireplace surround,  artwork ‘Still Life with Dianthus and Bee’ by Dena Khan. Styling – Bree Leech. Photo – Lisa Cohen.

Lucy Feagins
12th of May 2020

I always say there is no quicker, easier or more cost effective way to transform an interior than by re-painting – and right now, we’re finding ourselves drawn to rich and decadent interiors, dripping in deep colour!

Dulux’s 2020 Colour Forecast brings us the ‘Indulge’ palette – a warm and sophisticated colour family, including deep burgundies, soft violets and accents of coral and mustard. Conceived by Dulux Colour and Communications Manager Andrea Lucena-Orr, this palette reflects the broader trend towards more warmth and richer tones in Australian interiors.

But it’s one thing to hear about colour trends… and it’s another thing altogether to actually SEE how transformative they can be in real life. So, we were blown away when this inspiring before-and-after project by Melbourne stylist Bree Leech came across our desk!

Bree has transformed a grand study in a heritage Melbourne home Dulux ‘Russet Tan’ – with seriously impressive results. What’s unbelievable about this project is that much of the furniture and even the curtains remain the same before and after – simply changing the wall colour makes a huge impact on the overall feeling of the space.

We caught up with Bree to get her advice on using colour to bring the WOW factor at home this winter.

Using strong colours at home can be a little out of people’s comfort zones – but what benefits does a rich colour palette provide that you just can’t get with paler or ‘safer’ colours?

I believe deep colours create a certain mood and warmth that is difficult to achieve with paler shades. There is a cosiness to spaces that have deeper colour, and mood can be created through layers of similar colour, texture and lighting.

In this room you’ve used ‘Russet Tan’ – tell us about how you’ve used this colour and why it works so well in this space.

This room has great bones – high ceilings, ornate cornicing, natural light and a beautiful fireplace. But the steely grey on the walls felt cold and uninviting. I wanted to create spaces where you’d want to linger.

Changing the charcoal wall to the opulent Russet Tan provided much more depth to the space, making it far more inviting. Applying the same colour to all walls enveloped the space and deliberately leaving some white accents still tied the scheme back to existing white features such as the fireplace and the desk.

For people who are unsure where to even start when selecting colours for their home, what advice would you give on where to start?

If you know you want to add colour but feel unsure where to start I often suggest to take a look in your wardrobe – this can reveal that you are drawn to certain shades – do you have a lot of blue and green and cooler shades, or are you drawn to reds and pinks? We tend to naturally gravitate towards colours that make us happy, and our personal style can show that. Try adding these colours to your space in small amounts at first – cushions, throws, decor pieces – then move to painting a door, a furniture piece and gain confidence there. Before you know it you’ll be painting your whole space in a colour that puts a smile on your face – as I truly believe colour is addictive!

Please note this competition is now closed. The winner was drawn and notified Tuesday, 26th May, 2020. See here for terms and conditions.

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