TDF Design Awards

The Power Of Collaboration Celebrated In The TDF Design Awards

Our inaugural TDF Design Awards not only champion the work of individual practitioners, but also showcase the power of teamwork and collaboration!

Across object design, installation, furniture, landscape design and interiors – this award highlights how partnerships can forge new design directions and brilliant outcomes.

The winner from this shortlist, as judged by  Amanda Henderson of Gloss Creative, iconic artist Ken Done, and Jeremy Wortsman of The Jacky Winter Group, will be unveiled at our awards presentation – next week!

Lucy Feagins

Tom Fereday & Earp Bros, OMNI Breeze Block. Photo – Jason Busch.

Thomas Coward & Artedomus, New Volumes. Photo – Sean Fennessy. Styling – Natalie Turnbull. 

Dale Hardiman & Tom Skeehan, Friends & Associates, Welcome to Wasteland. Photo – Josh Robenstone.

Thomas Coward & Artedomus, New Volumes

Made from specially supplied stone from Artedomus, Thomas Coward worked with seven designers to create unique and beautiful products that conjure a sense of a modern artefact. The collaboration focused on highlighting the qualities of the stone, that has been exclusively supplied by Artedomus for the past 15 years. The outcome is a collection of contemporary pieces inspired by the strength and beauty of Elba marble.

Dale Hardiman & Tom Skeehan, Friends & Associates, Welcome to Wasteland

Industrial design meets waste management in this experimental exhibition that involved over 50 collaborators and 31 project outcomes, exploring the role of design in combating some of the greatest moral issues of our time.

Welcome To Wasteland was part of the Melbourne Design Week, and explored climate change, waste and pollution across scales of whole ecosystems and individual consumer choices. The multidisciplinary project included architects, industrial designers, furniture makers and researchers.


Kosloff Architecture + Callum Morton + Monash Art Projects + Rush Wright Associates, 18 Innovation Revitalisation Project. Photo – Derek Swalwell.

TSAR Carpets, Byzantine Design and Luke Furniture for X-Materiality. Photo – Lillie Thompson.

Kosloff Architecture + Callum Morton + Monash Art Projects + Rush Wright Associates, 18 Innovation Walk Revitalisation Project

A reskinning of an existing university building, this project sees a strategic alignment between art and architecture to create an innovative new project, and incredible new entrance for students and staff.

The project aligned Kosloff Architecture with artist Callum Morton to develop a collaborative project that introduces a new contemporary update to a Modernist building.

TSAR Carpets, Byzantine Design and Luke Furniture for X-Materiality.

Based on a mutual fascination of deep sea coral and creatures, this collaboration initiated by TSAR Carpets created two interior installations that convey a calming nostalgia and display their expertise with materials.

For Melbourne Design Week, the team created calming underwater inspired scenes, and told a story through textures, layers and colours.

Cantilever Interiors & DesignOffice, Tableau. Photo – Dan Hocking.

Cindy-Lee Davies & Dustin Fritsche, NWAY. Photo – Frances Normoyle.

Cantilever Interiors & DesignOffice, Tableau

Cantilever Interiors and DesignOffice have combined forces to create practical and effective kitchen systems, designed with precision and elegance. The collaboration between designer and maker follows user-centered design principles that allow for personalised customisation. Tableau is comprised of two primary elements, the Block and Bench, which are supported by the Shelf and Store.

Cindy-Lee Davies & Dustin Fritsche, NWAY

This bed is designed to accommodate a growing family, in a way that is both functional and beautiful. The tactile modern design considers how furniture interacts with family routine. Cindy-Lee Davis (of Lightly) and Dustin Frische (of Softer Studio) have focused on the beauty of hand-made craftsmanship to create a Victorian Ash frame and dowel bedhead, inspired by the ‘Sebra Cot’ by Danish architect Viggo Einfeldt.

Tyrone ‘Rone’ Wright & Carly Spooner, RONE Empire. Photo – Tyrone Wright. Styling – Carly Spooner.

Paige Anderson, Hayley Sparks and Emma Leonard, The Dreamers. Photo – Hayley Sparks. Illustrations – Emma Leonard.

MUIR + OPENWORK, Doubleground. Photo – Peter Bennetts.

Paige Anderson, Hayley Sparks and Emma Leonard, The Dreamers

A whimsical project that combines photography, styling and illustration to create a storybook style shoot, aimed to encourage children not to be afraid of their dreams and nightmares. The project creates dreamworlds for children to escape into, and was produced for international magazine KIDS.

MUIR + OPENWORK, Doubleground

The combined skills of landscape, interior and design practices aligned in this NGV Architecture Commission, where the two firms sought to re-emphasise the value of public space through their intervention into the garden. Muir and Openwork intervened in the NGV gardens to create new spaces through lines, walls, tectonic folds that invite visitors to explore.

Tyrone ‘Rone’ Wright & Carly Spooner, RONE Empire

An installation project occupying multiple rooms of a historical 1930s Art Deco property that aimed to transport audiences back to its glamorous heyday, juxtaposing beauty and decay. The project created a haunting immersive journey combining Rone’s large scale murals, furnishings and decorative details by stylist Carly Spooner, installations by Loose Leaf, bespoke scent by Kat Snowden, multi-channel sound design by Nick Batterham, and art by Callum Preston.

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