The Rise Of Tide Design

It has been a few years since we featured the work of Tide Design, and since then, the Melbourne based furniture makers have undergone a gentle evolution. With a name that conjures up connotations of the calm and everlasting, Tide is an example of measured and consistent growth, rather than rapid expansion.

Today chat with director and designer George Harper about the latest Tide collection, and the expansion of his workshop and showroom in Huntingdale.


Lucy Feagins

At work in the Huntingdale studio of Tide Design. Photo – Mike Baker.

Work in process. Photo – Mike Baker.

From a ‘crusty old factory’ to a beautiful workshop and showroom. Photo – Mike Baker.

New furniture pieces in the Tide Design collection. Photo – Mike Baker, styling – Ruth Welsby.

From design to delivery, everything is done in Melbourne. Photo – Mike Baker, styling – Ruth Welsby.

The precision of Tide’s design process on show. Photo – Mike Baker. 

In the workshop. Photo – Mike Baker. 

Details of the new range. Photo – Mike Baker, styling – Ruth Welsby.

Lucy Feagins
17th of June 2019

We first interviewed furniture designer and Tide Design director George Harper way back in 2015, and in some ways, not a lot has changed since then. This isn’t to suggest that George has been resting on his laurels – far from it! But Tide’s story is one of gentle, slow-and-steady growth (and a lot of determined behind-the-scenes labour!).

George introduces his new furniture range by explaining that the collection offers ‘a continuation of some earlier themes, as well as a couple of fresh designs.’ Organic forms, carefully resolved details and a contrast between straight and curved lines are hallmarks of Tide’s work, and are evident again in this new range. However, the latest collection offers fresh new shapes, lines and detailing that George highlights are the result of ‘90% perspiration and 10% inspiration!’ He describes ‘we go through dozens of iterations before being satisfied with a final design.’

In addition to expanding Tide’s furniture collection, the team have also recently moved into a new and larger workshop/studio/showroom in Huntingdale. George explains ‘we love all the extra space, and the fact that we transformed a pretty crusty old factory into a really nice workshop and beautiful showroom.’ Every part of the design, production and marketing is completed under one roof – you can’t stem this Tide!

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